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Breaking the Black colour code!!

I went to a styling session the other evening. The first thing the Stylist said was that how much Black clothes us kiwis wear.

I really did not think about this before but when I looked round the whole audience including myself was wearing black.

The Stylist was wearing a light blue shirt tucked into a yellow pencil pleated skirt with a large blue flower necklace I had to say she looked amazing.

She introduced us to this seasons must have and hot colour being white. I have to say after listening to her rant on about White I just had to go buy a White top.

I do like wearing Black but just wish I was more confident to wear brighter clothes.


Im the same.. all black everything! i think we all feel more comfortable in black... less stand out... but i find if the clothes are gorgeous enough, and suit our shape.. then we can be just as comfortable in colour!


I wear a lot of black and recently have been trying to wear more colour but I always go back to black, so have been trying to brighten my outfits up through my jewellery


I love black clothes ,I don't know why people get so hung up on the idea we have to wear bright colours,I'm not opposed to wearing colour ,but black is so versatile ,it's slimming, it's practical and if you are on a budget ,it's a great way to gave a few items in your wardrobe ,just accessorise with colour,handbags ,shoes,scarves ,jewellery, hats.
I think black is worn more in winter,,the shops are full of colour this spring,be hard not to wear colour .


Wear bright and whatever colours you believe make your personality shine through xx


I personally don't own any black clothes, mainly because of my pale skin. I have noticed the amount everyone else does though, walking around wellington central the other day there was barely anyone who wasn't wearing a main item of clothing that was black


I love wearing black because it is such an easy colour to wear! I always add some bright colour to my outfit though - say a red scarf and red boots. I recommend keep wearing black, but add some colour if you can - like a colouful bag, shoes or even a bright lipstick will jazz up your outfit!


I love wearing black and it goes with everything and doesn't show dirty marks! (The ones stickly little fingers leave behind)


I have a colour aversion but try really hard not to wear too much black (having 2 fluffy cats helps because black stuff looks awful even when defluffed)! Once you start with colour you can't go back - it makes you feel so much more positive.


I don't wear a lot of black, mostly various shades of purple and blue with a bit of green.

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