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Brazillans, Waxing and Vajazzing

Anyone? apparently there has been recent debate over leaving your lady parts o naturale or jazzing it up a bit with waxing of all kinds, else pimping your bits out by vajazzing....with jewellery etc or to the extreme of dying your pubic hair or shaping it lol....all I can say is WTH!....recently divorced women have found them selves having to get back in the dating game soe are concerned about well what is in, in regard to down stairs....most are scared about the prospects of dating again.....others don't no if they should leave it as is or wax....personally I think it is ones own choice and if whoever you are trying to impress doesn't approve then point them to the door....as for the vajazzing stupid and ridiculous....what do you think?, would you? have you?

I think a small amount of vajazzing is good, waxing really isnt that bad if you go to a qualified and well experienced person and it can be exciting to have different shapes and patterns but the jewellery or dying sounds a bit extreme for me. SO I have and will continue too.


No logical person is going to "vagazzle." A Brazillian would hurt like hell. Waxing my bikini line is as far as I would go!


From the research I've seen, the value of doing anything unnatural to your nether regions, is overwhelmingly for the benefit of your male partner and his particular pecadillos. There has been much discussion as to whether a preference for a hairless genital area has anything whatsoever to do with cleanliness or attractiveness per se. Rather it brings to mind the 'nakedness' of a child which some men find especially arousing. Why any woman would want to pander to this is beyond me but each to their own I guess. I am sure there are many men who prefer a natural, real woman in preference to an imitation hairless 'plastic' doll.


...I don't mind keeping it in check....not only for my man, but for me too....he keeps himself well maintained down south and so do I our own personal choice as for the nakedness of a child in mind bringing some men to arousal I think is totally weird....and won't even go there.....and agree Wice there are definitely men out there who prefer o naturale, and as a real woman too, who is far beyond plastic I prefer mine as hairless as I choose it to be....I don't do vajazzing or brazillians....but I do waxing not everything, but close to it....and I am sure there are also many men who prefer this as well......but as you say everyone to there own


A strong reply this time... I was just wondering: If this is really such a great thing that makes women feel good, will there be, or are there women who do this all their lives; or do they stop when they have children; or maybe with the arrival of grey hair...? Are there "hairless", decorated , grannies running around out there? Goodness, shaving my legs and armpits is more than enough hassle and I have no idea why I do it apart from brainwashing at an early age. Many European women don't shave their armpits. Nuns don't do it (as far as I know) so do they feel somehow dirty with their extra fuzz! I doubt it. Also, what about infections - ingrown hairs, etc., - who wants to be sore down there, or red and lumpy, spikey, or even, dare I say it, swollen and pusy from infected piercings? Have I put anyone off? Maybe some one can counter these comments with how painless, safe and sanitary all this is - of and beautiful of course. I have yet to be convinced; it simply seems seems on the verge of physically and emotionally unhealthy to find this necessary. I mean, what is the point in the end? What about long term effects? Does it make sex better? Does it make your partner love you more? Do the 99-9% of women who don’t do this really feel less clean? I do believe people have a right to do what they want with their bodies provided it does no harm. But at the same time, I feel very, very strongly that young women should not be brainwashed to follow ridiculous trends. I just wish women would accept their bodies – so beautiful just as they are - and not feel compelled to conform to the dictates of the media and fashion trends.


Slash, and burn...... always destroying the natural habitat.

Well said Wai!


...Comes down to personal choice....it's not a passing phase or conforming to media hype....and one would have to be a dumb-arse if someone can brainwash you to do there will to your bits...to me that is ridiculous....I haven't had any problems either infectious all otherwise but am sure it could occur with any type of shaving even legs and armpits...being unnecessary Wice for who? if you don't like it your choice, are you the what is right for women police?.....does it shock you that you would categorise us as being women who conform to media or trends..., that we may not know what we are doing, that we must be wrong in someway for doing such a thing?.....I do it and continue to do it because I can...women who choose to keep there's natural good on them I haven't got a bad thing to say about that...I just know what I like.......you make it sound like women who choose to do this are mutilating their bodies, because they don't keep the fuzz, that doing it must be because it improve there sex lives, why else would they do it...that it goes against the natural course of things......ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous.....why is someone's personal choice to do so to their own bodies, have to be analyzed, because it possibly can't be normal? you haven't put me off in the slightest your've just made me see your indifference


The Brazilian Wax, some say it's the Cutting Edge of Technology for bikini wax for women. Ok in the summer, but it might be a cold winter ladies.


As a beauty therapist I have the task of providing this service to many woman. Being a professional and having done many in my career I feel it is part of a woman's personal grooming. Brazillan's are done for a variety of reason, cleanliness and hygiene as well as on alot of expectant mothers. Im in no doubt that this is not a phase and will be around for a long time yet.


Brazilians are creepy. I believe in keeping things neat and tidy, but not childlike, eww.

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