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Thanks. It might just be one of those things that time alone helps!

yer but when does time alone ever happen!!!

I think you're right. I remember reading something that came with Bio-oil that said it was most effective for fading stretch-marks something like a year after you get the stretch marks. Which, as I'm thinking about it now, is about when they start fading by themselves. I hate marketing. Just just can't trust anyone if they're trying to make money off you.


I havnt personally used it. But my sister has. She got stiches done and she didnt like the look of the scar it left. She started using bio oil and it left her with fantastic results!!! It hadnt all dissapeared but it wasnt as obvious


Thanks dory. I guess like everything else it's very individual as to whether this works.


I used this religiously twice a day during my pregnancy - still got awful stretchmarks. So did my friend who also used it twice a day. My sister in law however used this occasionally during her pregnancy and had no stretchmarks. I think it'll all depend on your skin type and your skins natural ability to heal. Can't do harm to try it though - even if it is just to moisturise


I used this when I was pregnant too, I think its all about the kind of skin you have whether you get them or not, also I was tiny until a month out then my tummy blew out so I dont think I stood a chance, funny how celebs have magic non-stretchmark skin?
13 years on and I still look like a grader has run over my tummy, feels like burnt silk, I can honestly say Ive tried it all, wonder if there is surgery for it?


If something takes a whole year to work, then it seems just as likely that the boy may be repairing itself over this period. It's a bit like going to the doctor for a cold. You get a prescription and take it for a week by which time the cold would be gone anyway.


I have been used bio oil on a few scars I've got on my legs and it definitely helped !! They haven't completely gone away, but I must say I'm pretty slack with using it - only every once in a while when you are meant to twice a day.. Still, every time I get back into using it I can tell my scars are slowly fading! It definitely helps the healing process also


Nah it didn't work for me..the marks are still the same...although I used it for 4 months straight :(


I wonder if these marks are just something you have or you don't depending on your skin. I never got a single stretch mark with my pregnancies.

Whenever I use anything like an oil on my skin, it always makes me think of polishing old seats. The look good for a little bit - all smooth and new again - but the next day, they've dried out and look just like they did before.


I tried it to fade a large burn scar, and wasn't sure if it was working. Then I didn't get to use if for a few months as it was in our shipping container, and I found the scar was still fading at about the same rate. I am using up the bottle I had as body moisturiser onto moist skin after a bath or shower. I think I would now try a more natural oil in preference - this one is actually petroleum base.


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