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Beauty salons and treatment

Have you been? How often do you go? What types of treatments have you had and what would you recommend? I've never been and think I probably should treat myself something! It's got to be tried at least once (or twice ...or more) surely? I just tend not to do things like that for myself, so never have! I have bad skin that has broken out a lot in the past and is very oily. Getting something done professionally would be really nice but the idea of being seen without makeup on (post facial etc) is really scary! Help? Advice? Maybe I should try something less "scary" than a facial?? Thanks everyone!

I've never had a facial before but I have been to a salon and had an eyebrow wax and a massage. I think that going to the right salon and having a beautician who will talk you through the process will make it less scary. Maybe you should go into the salon when you make the appointment and talk to everyone, they will be able to help you with what you want done and you will feel more comfortable when you go back for the treatment.

Hope you enjoy whatever you choose


I've been making the most of the daily deal sites... they're awesome for providing new options that I've never tried, or even knew about! AND they're usually 50%+ off the usual price :D

Thanks, I'd been wondering about purchasing something from one of those site as good things come up so often! Maybe that's the way I'll go about it.


Facials aren't scary at all. Personally, I think they are more of a relaxing indulgence than anything that makes a lasting difference to your skin. I really think you can do just as well at home - just taking time out with a lovely mask or similar. I had my first proper manicure recently. My nails are normally pretty blah - not that I ever bite them. I was very surprised what a great job the manicurist did, trimming the cuticles, etc. I felt really good when I walked out of the salon. It didn't last, but for a couple of days i felt quite proud of my nails. Never ceases to amaze me how shallow and vain I can be! One thing I do recommend is a therapeutic massage. Years and years and years ago, hubbie bought me two massage vouchers. I booked in for the first and after an hour or so of absolute bliss, I left feeling I was walking on air. It was so good that I put off booking the next massage. I wanted to enjoy the anticipation and just the thought that I had the voucher and could spend another heavenly hour was wonderful. in itself. However, when I eventually went to book my next massage, the beauty shop had closed and my voucher was void! The only other massage I have had was a two and a half hour massage in Chiang Mai in Thailand. I had researched this and supposedly this was meant to be the best place ever for massage. All I can say was that the massage was the second most painful experience I have ever had – the first being childbirth. Strangely, like childbirth, once the deed was done, I felt amazing, peaceful and relaxed! I often wondered afterwards if the feeling of elation was due to the cession of the pain!

I would so love to go to Chiang Mai!


i had one facial once and it was really lovely (had it dont at smith and coheys...) It felt sooo nice.. then she gave me lots of great tips and advise on what my skin was like and what type of products i should use... was great!!


I go about twice a year for facial or massage. Wish I had more money to get my brows done etc!

I'm still a bit scared to try it. I look so awful without any makeup on!

I love facials they are lush!....don't worry about not having makeup on...you are pampering yourself after all how can you if you are worried about having makeup on go and enjoy...and report back...lol

I really would like to give it a go but seriously...the way I look in the morning before the make up goes on...it's pretty scary! I've had bad skin for years, it's somewhat better most of the time now but it's pretty scarred and ugly :(

Much better once I've piled on the concealer...


really, KH? Facials are great! And definitely take advantage of the daily deal websites. I'm getting my brows done soon (when I book it in) which I only paid $13? for.


In my euphoric holiday state, with a couple of spare hours at LA airport between flights, I treated myself to a foot massage. It's one of the things hubbie does exceptionally well and though she tried, the masseuse didn't really measure up. What was divine was that this massage was delivered as I lay back in a huge leather massage chair. It rolled and squeezed from the top of your head, across the shoulders and down the spine, ending deep in the hips. I barely noticed the foot massage but when it was over, the masseur said I could lust relax in the chair for as long as I wanted. I spent the next half hour simply going 'Aaaahh!'


Oh I hate it when a paid service isn't nearly as good as your home jobs! You need to get you one of those chairs Wice. Did you google it as soon as you could?


I wouldn't be interested in having one of those chairs at home. They aren't exactly attractive. They take up heaps of room and they are hugely expensive. Not for me. I think the experience was great because it was unusual and a treat though I wouldn't mind hubbie giving me more regular foot massages! Do you ever get a massage? What's your favourite - back, head, hands, feet, legs...?


I don't have a favourite - I just take what I can get :)


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