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BB Cream - explain?!

It seems to be a name I see bandied around a lot on forums and review sites these days - but I really have no idea what BB cream is.

I know it stands for blemish balm, but what kind of blemishes do they mean?! I don't really get spots or pimples anymore (hello late 20s!), but I dont really have sun spots, redness or wrinkles (yay late 20s!)

Does anyone know who this product is aimed at? And what it actually does?

It usually contains an SPF and is aimed at a light coverage, moisturiser and primer all in one. Can be used on its own with or without your usual moisturiser or underneath your foundation. I find for me it is great just for a little bit of light coverage, days where I don't really want to wear a lot of makeup and covers up any signs of redness and just evens out the complexion without looking like you are wearing aything at all! A must-have for me in my beauty regime!!


No idea who its aimed at, anybody can use it. Its just like a tinted moisturiser. Its a great base to start with. I use the maybelline brand, I find Garnier too oily and "orange" looking. I put BB on every morning, with a light swipe of my foundation and I always get compliments on my make up.


Im not too sure about BB creams but i think CC are similar.

This is what i think about the Clinique - Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30

I love the texture, It feels light yet creamy on my skin, and it almost feels like my skin is 'drinking' it in leaving my skin looking glowy healthy and beautiful. If you like a natural, glowy, dewy look -this might be the product for you. I use the light and it lets my skin tone come through and definitely stays dewy throughout the day. While it is not full coverage it covers flaws and is very flattering. If you are trying to hide brown pigmentation spots like me this doesn’t quiet cover them, but will just sort of even things out a little. On a good skin day I wore it alone and with Cliniques even better foundation on other days

There is no fragrance that I could pick up, and I really like the sleek packaging. It's convenient and hygienic and I had no worries about it breaking when I travelled with it in November this year.

It corrects, protects and perfects! SPF 30 is awesome, part of the moisture surge range so is hydrating, and has optic technology where it bounces the light giving a very natural and radiant look to the skin.

Id buy this again.


It's similar to a tinted moisturiser just usually between that and foundation, it basically a everything kind of product


it is a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, light foundation all in one cream, nothing too special really... it isn't only for blemish balm, they actually call it beauty balm


Its a combination of a lot of skin and make up type creams all in one, and I have sensitive skin and it works well with my skin combination I think they have small testers of this too if I remember correctly but I saw them a number of months ago now I think


great PR pitch. Thank goodness someone in this comments section has actually explained what it means. I think it is just another name for a product that has been in the market for years.....


I love BB Cream! I wondered what all the hype was about when I kept seeing advertisements and commercials marketing BB cream, and now I get it! BB Cream is an abbreviation for "Beauty Balm". BB cream is supposed to be a "skin perfector" that has many benefits such as: hydrates/moisturising; corrects blemishes, evens skin tone, creates healthy or dewy glow, and most have SPF sunscreen in them. They generally are a two in one type product eliminating the need for both moisturiser and foundation. I tend to have drier skin these days so I still use a bit of moisturiser under my BB cream. I love the sheer coverage that BB cream provides as well. It is definitely a product to try if you have been pondering the idea!


LOVE this product, I don't wear foundation, unless I am going out which is very rare :( This product gives me all the coverage I could wish for on a daily basis, moisturises and protects me from the damaging sun, perfection in a tube. I did find though that I am a fair skin for one brand and medium for different brands, I love the Loreal version.


I have found the Garnier BB cream to really work wonders, it isnt too heavy and really leaves a beautiful complexion, it is also very affordable and lasts a long time.. i would recommend it to someone who wants to try it out for the first time and then make up your own mind with how u feel about it.... i think BB creams are a great solution for people who simply dont have time to do the whole makeup routine but want complete coverage and quick..

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