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Back in Black

It took a recent visit to Brisbane for me to fully appreciate just how addicted us Wellington (and possibly all Kiwi) girls are to black. Even during this most glorious of summers, black is the dominant colour both by day and night. Not sure whether it is a cultural thing, or simply that we don't have the wonderful selection of bold colours that are available on the shelves of Brisbane stores. Time for some colour? What do others think?


When you have kids it's hard to stay looking clean and smart. Black just doesn't show the dirt. Also it's slimming. I have so many colorful clothes. I will reach for the black top every time. Sad really, because I know I suit color. It's just Kiwi practicality. And I hate washing everything I wear after 5 minutes with the kids.


The bulk of my wardrobe for many years has been black, but the past few months I've been embracing the bright colour trend and adding some more colourful pieces - I love the neons that are so popular right now and just a skinny belt in an eyepopping colour or a bright nail colour can make all the difference. So I still wear a lot of black, just try to break it up a bit now so its not head to toe. The comments I've had have been most complimentary, so ladies, get out of the rut and try adding a bit of colour to yuour black!


I'm one of those strange guys who actually love to go shopping with my girlfriend on a regular basis. Her and I have a similar taste when it comes to styles and colours but I seem to have the knack of spotting that one great garment in amongst the ordinary or drab. Black will always be a great base colour to build on for any woman but a splash of colour can change the outfit completely and give it that BOOM! that 'just black all over' never quite achieves by its mighty lonesome :)


I'm naughty - constantly wear black! I don't know why because whenever I wear anything colourful I get positive compliments how nice the colour looks etc - yet I always fall back into wearing black!


I love black! It's elegant and sophisticated and always a perfect base


Black is your go to colour but it's easy to liven it up with a splash of brightness


I wear black as it is always in fashion and fits with everything I have in my wardrobe. I get a bit sad when I go out in summer time and people wear black everywhere. Its a slimming colour for sure, but should be mostly worn at funerals.


I wear A LOT of black. As a kid I wasn't allowed to wear black. I wore my first item of black clothing when I was probably 14? Now I wear heaps of it...for no reason...not to be emo, just cause I like it! I love adding colourful accessories or adding in a colourful blazer or bright fluro nailpolish or maybe even some bright footwear/heels! I do wonder if its a Kiwi thing - its a shame though cause there are so many nice colourful clothing items out there. I guess its cause I feel more comfortable in darker coloured clothing. ALSO evertything goes well with black ;)


I used to wear black religiously but now if I don't wear colour I feel depressed! It's such a boost to your complexion and to your mood to wear something bright and colourful. I love red and wear it all the time. I hardly even look at black clothes in shops anymore and if I do I generally think "if only they had it in another colour"!


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