Discussing :: Are wrist watches becoming obsolete?


Are wrist watches becoming obsolete?

How do you tell the time? Do you wear a watch or use your phone? What about setting wake-up alarms?


NO! It is a very natural action to flick your wrist over to simply check your watch - whereas to check your mobile, you have to get it out, press/slide a button or two, before the data comes up. And with our mobiles now storing alarms, wake ups etc, I can now have a pretty delicate and decorative watch... or even two or three or four different ones! My latest watch cost me $4.50 off Trade Me, is a cute silver bangle with diamantes that slide around within the outer face.


Yep - I never wear a watch. Okay, occasionally, when I'm feeling retro. I have a clock on my cell, my computer, the wall... there is a clock where ever I go so there's no reason to wear a watch. Except for ornamental reasons, or if I'm not taking my cell somewhere, like swimming, in the sea.


Yes and no, i love to wear my dress watch and i do check it occasionally but sometimes i forget i have it on and out of habit i reach into my handbag to check my phone for the time. And as for alarm clocks, i have not used one in years, i always use my cell phone as an alarm. My partner also uses his phone to wake him up. Since cell phones have become so popular i bet the alarm clock sales have gone right down. I do tend to freak out about sleeping with cell phones though as the risk of cancer. I am not sure if this has yet been proven, but i bet there are many people out there who also use their cellphones as their wakeup call.


i have 2 really good wrist watches (to match the jewlery im wearing - gold and silver)... but they are mainly just there for the looks... cant say i actually check the time on them often... always use my phone... however my partner loves his watch and feels naked without it and ALWAYS check the time on it!!


I have a silly watch tan line. I can't stand not wearing a watch. I don't use my cell phone as an alarm either. Much prefer the clock next to my bed!


haha yer my partner has a major tan line aswell!!!! has to wear his watch or gets laughed at =P


I've tried to take mine off and stay in the sun for a while but it just wont go away!


lol yer he did the same... just become part of you =P


I too alwasy wear a watch and have a milky tan line around my wrist - not that anyone ever sees it! The worst thing is when you get a burn line on the white bite when your watch sllips while you are sunbathing... very painful! I would never think of using my phone to look at the time. I have used it overseas as an alarm clock but I find it quite hard to trust and always have woken off before it goes off. Have to say, I prefer a clock. I wonder if this is a generational thing although hubbie uses his phone for everything so maybe not.


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