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Appliances - metal or matching?

Reading about wedding rings got me thinking about kitchen appliances . I have a number of stainless steel appliances (dishwasher, blender, microwave, rangehood...) but as far as I am concerned they are a pain -just too difficult to keep clean! I'm not even all that fussed about how they look when they are. I find them a bit grim with their metal exteriors - reminds me of battleships. On the other hand, I really like my lovely bright white appliances though I have branched out and have some co-ordinated coloured ones too. My new pasta machine is black (I have a black and white kitchen). What are your views? Do you prefer a coloured, white or metallic finish on your kitchen. appliances? Has anyone got any tip for keeping stainless appliances looking good?


I like just a little splash of red.

Yes, it's like a red scarf - bright and happy and definitely adds warmth to a a white kitchen!

I love that fridge!!! I just sold my 1952 Prestcold on Trade Me. I hope someone enjoys it as much you do yours.

yer i love that fridge too.. saw some like it a few years back a baby pink and baby blue one... i wanted them so much!!


I saw one of the supermarkets (I think that's where I saw it) has a competition with a prize of a pink fridge. Not sure what you have to do but I keep thinking to myself - would I really want this in my kitchen?


I prefer white appliances too, and my splash of colour is in lime green. I am redecorating at moment, so having lots of fun playing around with colours.


Metal, matching or simply affordable? I think you've forgotten the third option, that 90% of the population make. While some of these kitchen appliances available today are really preetty, they're also really eXpensive... When choosing new kitchen appliances it's affordability and functionality that make the decision for me!!


...I'm all for affordable....regardless of colour if it is affordable then it is me...however if I was able to get what I wanted regardless of price then it would be appliances in either black, burgundy or navy blue I just think those colours would be so intense in appliances.....my best pick wouldn't be an appliance for the kitchen it would be a central home security system......:-)


I go for affordable quality. I won't buy the cheapest stuff because it generally turns out to be crap, so I try to find reasonable quality at a reasonable price. I really couldn't care less if there are stainless or white.


Eclectic like me! As long as it works I'm not really that fussed but mind you that's the phase I'm going through at the moment gauranteed to change when I get into one of my "what the hell moments".


We hope to renovate our kitchen in the near future and i have had the same dilemma, I cant decide between a french white theme with a splash of color or a really industrial stainless! I really love both but which ever way we go price will certainly play a large part in the decision we make!


I'd go for the french white theme every time. Stainless steel is a pig to keep clean. Every single fingerprint shows up as well as every tiny splatter etc. You can't just wipe it either, as it streaks. What's more if you knock it, you can see tiny dents. It also is very cold to look at - great if you want a 'sterile' and 'efficient' space-age look, but it certainly doesn't echo charm or warmth if this is the feeling you are after.


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