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And so to bed: Dressing for sleep!

This is not a question about sexiness and dressing for a night of passion. It's about being comfortable and sleeping well. I find that I am often uncomfortable in bed and wonder if it is because of what I am wearing. I'd love to hear what Chelsey women find the most comfortable gear for summer and winter nights - pjs, nighties, t-shirts, boxers... etc., and also to hear your views on the best choice of fabrics and styles.


Thought I'd just throw this picture in because it is amusing! I think they are actually authentic matching pjs - not photoshopped. Verdict - look uncomfortable and tight around the shoulders. Probably would not move with you as you rolled over!


I often go to sleep in my clothes, well... just take off whatver pants/skirt i'm wearing.. (on those crazy nights when i just roll into bed after a long shift) But i find a petticoat skirt and just a tshirt is comfy as! Loose and baggy :D


I like comfort AND style. One of the places I work is next to a Peter Alexander store and I was very temped by some rather pricey nightwear! I already have some PJs from there and I don't know I'd say they're more comfortable than other PJs but they are pretty cute. http://www.peteralexander.com.au/ I think a summer nightie is probably the most comfortable thing to wear.


I used to be a pretty nightie girl once, then i turned into a t-shirt and knickers one and now I've discovered the joy of slopping around in flanalette pj bottoms - although I still take them off to hop into bed in summer. (I see the fashion of wearing them to the supermarket hasn't died yet)I've been that damned cold when I lived down South that there was no way I was getting out of the warm trackpants I was in and have slept in them.


...I am usually in an oversize tee shirt and long warm casual PJ pants in the winter and boxer shorts and a camisole, sarong or nothing in the summer...depending on how warm it gets....


Singlet/t-shirt and shorts all year round. I can always add more blankets if I get cold/remove them if I get too warm.


nothing =P


As I was writing this topic post, I knew that you would write that Anna! It was inevitable! But what about when your are away from home or it's really cold, or you are staying with girlfriends or family? Don't you have something favourite to wear? What will you do once you have kids, or have to go into hospital for sometihing? I like sleeping naked too - but just sometimes. I love those fine white cotton nightdresses that are lovely and cool and light. They are kind of old fashioned but they always make me feel really feminine.


I hate sleeping naked and I even hate it when my singlet or t-shirt rides half way up my back - I can't sleep until its covered.

...I find sleeping in nothing in the summer especially in warmer nights is great and you don't have the restriction of clothing that can be a buggar when you want to turn over....and clothing rides up and is stuck under your body.....whilst your moving...


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