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A weird Experience!!!

I went to the supermarket today and was wearing my maxi dress you would not believe the weird stares I got.... firstly I freaked thinking maybe my dress was ripped and people could see my knickers....I then ditched my veggies and ran to the loo there was no rips in my dress.So obviously it must have been the sight of me wearing a long dress in the aisles. Honestly I just can't see the big deal it's not like I was walking around in a Bikini (just ref to The Rock's Hot chick's contest at the moment).Just plain weird!!


I often wear ankle length skirts - love the comfort and freedom. I've never had anyone stare at them in my life so maybe it was just you looking gorgeous!

Haha yes so true it must have been my gorgeous day........Thanks...xx


I hate wearing skirts/dresses - I always have this fear that I have tucked the back of it into my knickers. Did actually once but luckily caught sight of myself in the mirror as I left the restaurant bathroom....

My worst fear would have toilet paper left dangling.... I have stepped on the stuff but luckily seen it......So yes I can see the fear....x

Been there - at a seminar in front of a whole group of people I was meant to be schmoozing!


Dumb. I just feel more comfortable in jeans.

Yes I love jeans to and esp cut off Jeans made into shorts and they always looks awesome....I just thought nice day Long dress I will wear my shorts next time tho......x


People are just judgemental weirdos. Long dresses look nice on most people anyway! Stupid human race.

.......Thanks Babes....and yes people can be a Judgey and Mental......xxx


...I love maxi dresses especially in the summer, strapless or strapped with a big hat and glasses always feel so comfortable in the....as I would in surf board shorts and a bikini top...its whatever makes you feel comfortable....I wouldn't worry to much on others, may they liked it and were just looking at it and you?....or they could have been envious....who knows and to be honest who really cares!...if it makes you feel good then hell to the yes....wear it....I don't give anyone's left one...when I wear something that makes me feel confident, relaxed and sexy for my man screw anyone else....

........Thanks Babes and I so agree.....Hope you are a having fabulous weekend whatever you are doing!!!!!

...you too and rock out your maxi dress....they are the best in summer comfort IMHO......haters can keep on hating...lol

xxxxxxxxxxxx Thanks


I don't have any maxi dresses. I find I'm just short enough that it can be a challenge to find one that's the right length and not too long. I'd wear one to the supermarket if I had one.

Thanks Babes and everyone for all your positive comments it has so made me feel better and yes I will wear what I want to wear whatever anyone thinks.......xx


I just came across this picture of ex-model, 56 year old Janice Dickinson and thought to myself "That's not nice - too much old skin on show!" Then I felt ashamed that I had judged her (mind you the length of the skirt is a tad slutty regardless of her age or legs!)

.............Wow is this picture for real is that cellulite on her legs...Obviously not one of her best days.....I think I might stick with my Maxi dress.....!!!

...that's definitely not a maxi dress.....

..............I think she must have ripped it on the Petrol pump.....


It's just age and saggy skin... such good things come to most who are lucky enought to live long enough!


............Yeah she kinda looks a bit like a walking Skeleton anyway...Maybe years of bad diets....

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