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A small drip can soon fill a bath: Hoarding clothes

I'm a dreadful hoarder when it comes to clothes. I'm pretty picky with what I buy The quality has to be great and I have to really love something before I buy it. Naturally, I don't buy moutains of new stuff each season, just one or two pieces, but over the years, my wardrobe has started groaning (well actually, I have just spread to my fourth wardrobe!)

I admit that a few bits might be out of date but I tend to go for timeless l classics which I can dress up and down. I don't mind that they are not all this season's latest because they are beautiful. Sometimes I will take out a whole bunch of clothes I haven't worn for three of four years and they seem just like new. Does anyone else share my problem? What do you do? A couple of years ago I filled four big black rubbish sacks with really good clothes for the Women's Refuge but it didn't really make all that much difference, the pile still grows!


I have bags of clothes in the attic and tend to change over seasons (wardrobe is always chokka). I'm tough on clothes so tend to buy heaps of cheaper clothes and some 'on trend' pieces to liven things up. I think if the clothes make you happy and certainly if you have bought quality then keep them until you don't like them anymore. All part of being a woman I think! ;O)


I'm the same, just taken a large bag full of nice clothes that I really don't wear any more to the local op shop. Wardrobe is still over flowing and I find myself looking on TradeMe for more!!


Guilty here too. A timely reminder for a trip to take some to the op shop!


I’m very guilty for this….but I have found a solution…

As I try something on I have a few rules…

If it has a hole/ rip in it, it either goes in the bin or goes in a pile to fix…..the next time I go through this I usually find if I haven’t fixed it yet, it can go too.

If I go to wear something and automatically think it doesn’t suit/ fit/ look good….I throw it in another bag or suitcase.

When it gets big enough to get in the way it’s time to go to the markets….so I also go through all my drawers the few days before and add anything that I don't really like or really haven't worn in a very long time....I like Avondale Markets….last time I made around $400 there for the cost of about $30 for the space and table and afterwards I just took everything that didn’t sell to the clothing bin.

Finally if there’s anything that I find too hard to part with at the markets or if it’s worth a little more I put it on trademe, I do this less often now as I find it too time consuming and I like seeing other people getting enjoyment out of my old beloved things at the markets….it makes me feel like they are going to a good home 


Take the old clothes to the clothing-recyclers or the cahrity shops! you'll feel good doing it and get your wardrobe back


I frequently clear out and give old clothes away. There is no point keeping things until they fit or are back in season, they just clutter the place up. Much better to give them away and hope others get some enjoyment out of them. By the same token once I have had a radical clean out I visit the op shops and look for new items of clothes to wear. It's great fun


I've put a post here before, but my pile is building fast again....so I'm organising a clothes swap with friends.

I'm going to make rules too, so that at the end if anyone has any major regrets they can reclaim up to 3 items.


I'm the same (although I only fill the one wardrobe) I like the idea that you give unwanted clothes to the women's refuge, I very rarely part with any of my clothes as I am sure I will wear them again at some point, I did have a really wasteful friend who would buy lots of clothes and then BIN them when she didn't want them! Total waste


I hate clutter so tend not to buy huge volumes of clothes and have a good sort out a few times a year.If I haven't worn it that year then out it goes.
I like being able to see what is in my wardrobe.


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