Best Casino TV Shows Currently on Netflix

One of the most exciting things that attract the audience is TV shows about gambling and casinos - with all the aspects and activities connected to that world. Today all these activities are also spread online, from Blackjack to Poker. But there is a considerable difference between the two practices. Being in the same place as the croupier and interacting with him is different from betting online at home alone. Many movies have tried to tell, through other people like Danny Ocean, about actual actions. This list not only describes casino movies but looks for an analysis of gamblers and of their lifestyle.

In fact, the place in which gambling takes place was employed so often, both as a real place of action in Casino Royale (2006, Martin Campbell) and as a mere narrative environment in Casino by Martin Scorsese. In this article, we are trying to advise you on the best audiovisual products that base their stories on verified casinos. The gambling world will surely be more apparent to you thanks to these films.

Here is the list of five gambling movies on Netflix.

Casino Royale – Martin Campbell

The first audiovisual product concerning casino shows on Netflix is the James Bond film. The film in the analysis is undoubtedly one of the best gambling movies. It is almost mandatory to start this list with James.

Bond - Casino Royale, the most exciting movie about gambling and casinos. In this movie, the main character must confront an evil and powerful banker challenging him in a poker game at the Casino Royale. In addition, we also meet Vesper, the mysterious woman played by Eva Green, a typical character in Bond's movies.

In Casino Royale, we also get the chance to be involved in poker games at a high level of intensity and adrenaline. Campbell was able to present a new James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan, who starred for the first time in 007 Goldeneye.

The director chose a directing strategy that switches from moments of action and high concentration in the poker game. This game is no static at all, even if it is played at a simple table.

Blackjack team, gambling industry, croupier and much more will be gutted on this list. While not a true story, the description of these sin cities is genuinely remarkable.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Terry Gilliam

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is the thirteenth movie directed by Terry Gilliam, starring Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro. The film is set in the '70s in the United States. It is a psychedelic road trip movie that has the ambition to portray the delusional wave of LSD followed by that generation, located in San Francisco.

This period has given life to the Beat Generation, a movement that youngsters followed, thinking that they could change the world only with the power of love and peace. A utopian dream which failed after few years. Of course, it is so much different from the previous movie. The setting is not a simple casino but the entire city of Las Vegas, the gambling empire. The hallucinogenic renaissance described in this movie is without borders.

In addition, this film strengthens and condemns the evolutionary idea of humankind, which is underlined by using adrenochrome.

It shows the perfect example of ethical corruption and the elimination of the concept of limit. This is the best sentence for humankind. The movie intends not to defeat the weak to survive, but in this case, the main goal is to defeat the most intelligent.


Casino - Martin Scorsese and the charm of Las Vegas

The thing that can mislead is the similarity with Goodfellas' characters, especially the two main characters played by De Niro and Pesci (they are the same as the previous film). While Goodfellas is a gangster movie that gives a complete picture of 50s mafia organizations in New York, Scorsese in Casino puts the focus on the characters' obsessions, greed, and moral degradation. Obviously, if you build a casino drama, you cannot fail to film Sin City. Money is at the centre of everything, and Casino is a must-watch.

Everything is inspired by a particularism that leads men into abysses from which it is impossible to return; there is no sense of belonging or brotherhood in this audiovisual product. One can think that this film is so grim that no one wants to visit those places, but it is impossible not to find how the story is told fascinating.


21 – Robert Luketic

Who would not want to be a star and just become rich winning games in a casino in Sin City? This is the key to the success and charm of "21". In this film, a group of young MIT students, along with their Math professor, manage to win everything at Blackjack.

The storyline seems like a series of actual events. First, the film is based on true events. Back in the 90s, students created the method, an accurate system for winning games. A Ben Mezrich's article came out, and Dana Brunetti with Kevin Spacey contacted him and bought the rights. After this, the book came out and soon became a bestseller, and the film's production started right away.


Rounders – John Dahl

John Dahl, director of a noir called "The Last Seduction" (1994), tells the story of the Texas Hold 'em world. The movie is in a New York City underground dimension. A parallel, decadent, and fascinating world made of dives hidden in New York streets and private clubs, like Teddy KGB's club, where people play 24/7.

Once again, it is Russia against the USA. Mike McDermott's story does not differ much from Rocky's, a man that belongs to the ring of gambling. When he gives up, after a heavy defeat in the first act of the film, he decides to suppress his nature and live on autopilot. It will not last long. His friend Edward Norton will bring him back to gambling, again.



The five films on this list revolve around gambling and Las Vegas, underlining some aspects, also describing its pitfalls. If you think of a list of the best gambling movies on Netflix, you just have to choose between these five. Life, job, cash, and shady characters. Thanks for reading.


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