Top 5 Cocktails You Should Drink in The Fanciest Casinos

How often have you sat back to enjoy a movie and seen a scene from a casino with James Bond sipping a cocktail? Believe us, drinking while you gambling looks cool. It allows you to get a little buzz and feel more comfortable while playing their favorite games. 

In Las Vegas, the drinks flow readily and often, as drinks are given out for free to everyone! The list below is five top-rated classics that are loved by many.

Dry Martini

James Bond has a favorite drink, and it is a Dry Martini. This has been seen many times in his movies over the years. The ingredients to mix are dry vermouth and gin, some olives and  lemon. If you want to make it extra special, add some stuffed olives for extra spice. Drinking this while playing baccarat will make you feel like a real spy. 

Pina Colada

It is a classic cocktail that will give you a refreshing feeling. It has coconut milk and pineapple, which balances the two tastes beautifully. If you are creating the drink at home while you are betting at Mr Bet platform, you can even add an umbrella with some cherries. This will give it a tropical feel while you gamble at home. 


A classic that most people love to drink. You can enjoy all the games you desire while sipping on your orange and vodka. This is a delicious drink that you can always ask for with a little more vodka. This will give you even more courage before placing a large bet. It may be a simple cocktail but very effective. 

Long Island Iced Tea 

A beautiful drink that can be made with a real punch. It consists of vodka, tequila, light run, triple sec, gin, and a little cola. This combination gives the drink the same color as iced tea. It is then served in a highball glass with a straw. 

Gin and Tonic 

You must have tried this mildly alcoholic drink. Prepare it simply and fast by mixing only two components. By drinking it from a highball glass, you will add something special to the experience. You can make it as strong or mild as you like. Just make sure you stir well.

Many of these cocktails you can make yourself if you can't run to Las Vegas right away! These are all refreshing, alcoholic beverages that will relax you before placing your bets. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your character. Some people need an extra push to place bets, while others can go over the top. It is wise to always be careful when drinking and betting at the same time. Know your limits and always stick to your budget! 

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