Hot Baked Apple Toddy

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2Zhcm01LnN0YXRpYy5mbGlja3IuY29tLzQwNzMvNDc4MTk0MTY1Ml84NmJiMWRlMTk2LmpwZw==Hot Baked Apple Toddy - Hot Cocktail Recipe


Shot of apple whiskey

1/4 baked apple

1 tsp honey

hot water

cinnamon stick for garnish

Place the baked apple into a warm Irish coffee glass, add the whiskey and dissolve sugar into your mix before topping with hot water, stirring and garnishing with a cinnamon stick.


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  • Lauren says
    Yum, love apples!
  • KH says
    Mmm sounds like a good late night treat!
  • Wice says
    It sounds yummy, but once again I think this recipe belongs on a dessert menu rather than a drinks menu. Surely one would need a spoon to slurp the apple pulp out of the glass!

    Also, although it’s such a quick recipe, I have a number of issues with the it . This seems to happen so often with the recipes I read the Chelsey website. I'm sure there must be a source of more reliable recipes that the editors can find. If not, then someone need to actually read the recipes displayed and correct them before putting them on line.

    For starters, although I have searched the web for an NZ supplier of 'apple' whiskey, even the NZ whisky speciality shop, "Whisky Galore' does not seem to stock this. Judging by the spelling (with the 'e') this whiskey is made in either the USA or Ireland as in Scotland the spelling is 'whisky'. No doubt standard whiskey would suffice, but surely whoever put the recipe up could have suggested this to novice drinkers who currently are likely to be put off trying the recipe when they can’t source the main ingredient.

    Next there is the ingredient "1/4 baked apple” - without the picture, how would you see this? It could be a neatly cut segment with skin on for all we knew! Should the apple be hot or cold? Should the pulp be mashed to an even consistency? What sort of apple? Some apples stay firm when baked, others turn to moosh. A large apple or a small apple? A sweet apple or a sour apple? Maybe this doesn’t matter in the overall scheme but it will certainly affect the qualities of the toddy and this is, after all, a recipe!

    Next is an ingredient error. No mention of sugar is given in the ingredients’ list yet we are told to dissolve sugar into the apple and whiskey mix. The closest ingredient is the 1 tspn of honey. Why not say honey, if this what was meant?

    Hot water ? The toddy could be wickedly potent or disappointingly weak depending on the glass and the size of the apple used. “Top up” is such a loose term. Wouldn’t a better recipe say add ‘x” mls of hot water?

    Yes, I am being picky but time and time again there are problems with the recipes I read on Chelsey. All I ‘m after is some quality control! Doesn't everyone want Chelsey to be as good as it can be!
  • Anna says
    sounds good to me... just wing it wice =P
  • Wice says
    I love preparing food and trying new things. I love looking and anything to do with food and drink.

    Yes, I know I sound like I'm being picky but no one else ever seems to saysanything about these recipes - either the food or drink ones - except that they sound yummy.

    I haven't even seen anyone other than myself post saying they had tried any - something I frequently do and have even photographed and posted pictures of the result.

    Sometimes I wonder if anyone else even looks at the pictures against the recipes to see if they match, let alone does anything other than scan the text and go "Yum! Yum" or very occasionally, "Doesn't sound like me". I'm not criticising the posters but I am criticising Chelsey.

    If this was medical advice topic and Chelsey's articles had errors, misleading images, incorrect remedy ingredients etc., everyone would be very concerned. Just because this is food, we shouldn't think it doesn't matter.

    Even off the top of my head I can think of half a dozen instances where if people followed the recipes (if the ingredients were even available in NZ), then they would have been sorely disappointed with the result. Sure, experienced cooks and drink makers would see the errors, but that's not everyone! It could be done better!

    If Chelsey is to be a worthwhile website, then it should try to maintain a certain quality with the articles it posts. and all too often, these food and drink recipes just aren't up to scratch.
  • Anna says
    i usually just take the flavour ideas from the recipie and use them to create my own creation... i dont follow many recipies haha!! so if i say i like it... it means i like the idea of the flavour mixes... and usually sparks my creative genius to make new things =)
  • Dee-Dee says
  • Wice says
    Have to say that mostly I just take the ideas as well and do my own variations - but regardless, that doesn't excuse the recipes and pictures from not being more accurate and reliable.
  • Foreverme says
    This would be so apt it is really cold outside...:-)
  • Mellow says
    Chase away the 'Winter blues' for sure! ........ cocktail/dessert combo
    • New Member says
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