Gin Toddy

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2Zhcm01LnN0YXRpYy5mbGlja3IuY29tLzQwODEvNDc4MTI3OTk1NV8wYWU3OTQzYTg0LmpwZw==Gin Toddy - Hot Cocktail Recipe


Shot of Dry Gin

½ Shot of lemon juice

Boiling water

1 tsp sugar

Cinnamon stick for garnish

Combine all ingredients, stir well, and garnish with a cinnamon stick



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  • Wice says
    Somehow this toddy sounds a little bit medicinal - doesn't really appeal to me even though I love a G & T. It sounds a bit like a cold remedy with a shot of gin but I think I prefer dark rum, brandy or whiskey in my hot lemon drinks.

  • Anna says
    yer i prefer the whisky toddy myself... not that much of a gin fan!!
  • Dee-Dee says
    ....Gin always cleared up my colds back in the I don't know why but it always worked.....
  • Anna says
    does it..... ive never really used it as that... but i guess if it works it works... its because of a bad high school experience... that im a bit iffy about it...
  • Wice says
    I guess that since we drink gin most frequently as a G & T, this might have something to do with the idea of it being a curative. Quinine, of course, has been used to reduce fever for centuries.. It is also an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Quinine doesn't dissolve readily in water but it does in alcohol and this is how the G & T criginated. The gin also softens the bitter taste of the quinine.

    One of my favourite drinks is Campari which also has that bitter quinine flavour.
  • Starlite5 says
    Is gin really a depressant? I've heard that rumour for years but have never really bothered to research it ...I use to drink it in my younger days but only cause I was being egged on by my egg of a brother but I prefer bourbons and vodka these days and everything else inbetween.....haven't really had gin for years.
  • Wice says
    I've had a bit of a squizzy around and can find no factual evidence that gin is any more depressing than any other spirit.

    I did see one cut answer to the question "Why is gin depressing?" Answer: "Because it needs a tonic!"
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