Cafè Barbados

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2Zhcm01LnN0YXRpYy5mbGlja3IuY29tLzQwODAvNDc4MTIxODcyNV8xZWJiNzUyOWI3LmpwZw== Cafè Barbados - Hot Cocktail Recipe

Shot of dark rum

1/3 Shot of coffee liqueur

Black coffee

Whipped cream

Powdered chocolate or shaved chocolate for garnish

Pour the dark rum and coffee liqueur into an Irish coffee glass or coffee mug, fill with hot coffee, top with whipped cream and garnish with chocolate.


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  • KH says
    This has got to be delicious!
    • Cinty says
      Not a big fan of rum and haven't ever tried a hot cocktail. And mixing cream with liquor? Not too sure on this one...
    • Wice says
      I wouldn't class this as a cocktail. It's really just Irish Coffee that you have after dinner - except with a Jamaican twist so the rum replaces the Irish Whiskey. This used to be a really popular drink a few years ago and most restaurants had it on their coffee menu. I have several "Irish Coffee" glass sets in my cupboard. You can also use brandy (Cafe Royale) or Kahlua in your coffee like this. All of them taste yummy!
    • flowery3 says
      The version of Irish coffee I really fancy trying sometime is the Jafa ( perfect now I live in auckland!) as it has a chocolate orange flavour, perhaps with cointreau orange liqueur, sounds really delicious! I think they serve it down in one of the bars on viaduct harbour. A lovely warming drink to enjoy whilst watching the sunshine glinting off the beautiful harbour in this cold crisp glorious sunshine!
    • Anna says
      its like a alcaholic mochachino!! me please... who wants to come over and make it for me?????
      • KH says
        I'm been too lazy to make it myself. I'd really like someone to come over and make one for me too!
      • Laura_actually says
        Every one of these drinks just makes me ravenous!
      • Bernadette says
        Another delicious looking drink! I have some nice 42 below Honey Vodka and I am wondering how that could go in an expresso made hot chocolate? Would that be a weird mix, and not go too well with hot milk? Alcohol is SO expensive, especially spirits. Some come in much smaller bottles which would be perfect when making and trying out different cocktails, but otherwise its a very expensive exercise! I know you can get smirnoff in a smaller bottle but not too sure about kahlua and other brands of spirits.

        The whipped cream on the top of hot drinks is devine - I love going to starbucks and getting their hot chocolate with cold whipped cream on top.Such a treat! It adds a nice creamy smooth flavour that i love :)
      • Anna says
        i was sitting in class today with my coffee that i made from home.. and this came up on facebook as the drink of the week or what ever... sooooo wanted to swap my crappy luke warm cup for one of these!!
      • KH says
        haha yum! That would have cheered me right up in the middle of the cold morning we've had here too!
        • Anna says
          lol i dont think wed get much work done after it though~~
        • KH says
          I'm pretty sure I'd scare everyone away from my work if I tried that one. People probably don't like you coming at the with sharp objects after alcohol has been consumed...

          Sometimes they wish they had a shot of something though...
        • Laura_actually says
          Yum. But who drank all the rum?
          • Anna says
            it wasnt me... honest!!

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