Mudslide - Frozen Cocktail Recipe

Shot of vodka

Shot of Irish cream

Shot of coffee liqueur

8 ice cubes

Shot of cream

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

2 scoops of chocolate ice cream

Blend 8 ice cubes into crush, add the remaining ingredients and blend for 45 seconds on high. Serve immediately


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  • KH says
    A great adult "dessert"!
  • coco says
    That looks so yummy
  • Lauren says
    This sounds amazing!
  • Roz says
    now there goes my diet!
    sounds absolutely gorgeous!

    *pads off to kitchen to see what ingredients she has
  • Anna says
    haha love it!! luckily my pantry so full of healthy stuff i dont have many of the ingrediants! - just maybe the ice cubes!!
  • Wice says
    If you make this recipe as it is written above, it will look absolutely nothing like the picture.
    It will simply look like a chocolate thickshake.There are a number of ways of making a mudslide but this is not the way to make the one shown.

    If you want your cocktail to look anything like the one above there is a very important step that has been missed out. This is that before you pour the cocktail into the glass, you need to coat the inside of it with swirl of chocolate sauce!
    • Anna says
      mmmmmmm yum!!
      • kaiky says
        melted chocolate swirled in the glass and set is also great for looks to0
        • KH says
          Looks good! I might have to give it a go once it warms up a bit.
        • Laura_actually says
          Freakin' delicious! Cool arstistry on those bowls too!!
        • Laura_actually says
          Artistry.* Yum.
        • New Member says
          pure decadence and a great way to use the liquours I have
        • fander says
          mmmm! Only healthy ingredient there is ice cubes - so it has to be delicious! Will definitely be trying out!

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