Long Island Iced Tea Drink

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2Zhcm01LnN0YXRpYy5mbGlja3IuY29tLzQxMTkvNDc4MTc3NjQ1NV9jMjU3MDJiOGQxLmpwZw==Long Island Iced Tea Drink - Classic Cocktail Drink Recipe.


2 cups ice cubes

½ Shot vodka

½ Shot gin

½ Shot white rum

½ Shot white tequila

1/4 Shot triple sec

2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/2 cup Cola

2 lemon wedges

Shake everything but cola and wedges in a cocktail shaker. Pour into glasses and top with Cola, and a lemon wedge.


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  • KH says
    I've never tried a Long Island Iced Tea. It's on the list...
    • StillMe says
      Put it at the top of the list! They are the best!!
    • coco says
      Yes I would like to try one too
    • Cinty says
      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Will have to go to Hamilton and get a pot of this :)
    • Lauren says
      Yum, a nice classic :)
    • Anna says
      omg these things get me sooooooo drunk!!!
    • Wice says
      ... and I always thought Long Island Iced Tea had tea in it! Since it doesn't, here is a yummy recipe for a cocktail that does and what's more, it t is equally good hot or cold:


      600ml strong clear tea
      100gms honey
      7oz vodka
      A sprinkle of vanilla sugar on top (optional)

      Mix everything together and bring just to the boil. Serve hot in small cups or cool and serve in tall glasses with ice and a sprig of mint.
      • Anna says
        lol so did i until a couple of weeks ago!! thanks for the drink idea though... my ice tea drink idea was lipton ice tea and blue alize... and lots and lots of ice... its yummy!!!
      • Wice says
        I had a look at he history of Long Island Iced Tea and there are heaps of conflicting stories. The one I like best is that it was invented during the Prohibitiion when alcohol as not allowed) to look innocent like normal iced tea whereas in fact it "kicked a punch!" Apparently there are a number of cocktails disguised in this way.
      • Bernadette says
        These look great. Funny that they don't contain any 'tea'. When I saw this recipe I thought about homemade Iced Tea, It tastes fantastic (just as the bought stuff, ACTUALLY, even better!!).

        I have some nice honey vodka at home which would go fantastic with this!! I think this recipe would go down a treat, just not keen on buying THREE more different types of alcohol - now that's a bit of an expensive exercise!!!
      • flowery3 says
        I think that is indeed the trouble with cocktails - all the weird ingredients required! WE just had a fanstastic club fundraiser at the North Shore croquet club - tabletop speed croquet and cocktails! Everyone donated a bottle of some kind of alcohol they had lying around but didnt use, and then we made an amazing cocktail menu up - it was fantastic fun! So maybe have a cocktail party with friends, bring a bottle style!
      • flowery3 says
        This one would be lovely with 42 below manuka honey vodka - delicious and immune boosting too!
        • KH says
          I've never tried the manuka honey flavoured one. It does sound good though!

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