Night Road - Kristin Hannah - March 2011

Paula Phillips

Hi, my name is Paula Phillips. I work as a Children's and Teens Librarian by day and a Book Reviewer by night. I have an extensive reading background, having read the novels of more than 500 authors and counting.
Impressive and True :)

Are you a fan of Kristin Hannah's books, her books for me personally are always a touch and go as there have been some good ones and ones that I haven't enjoyed as I was in two minds about picking up Night Road as her second to latest Winter Garden just wasn't me , but I am glad I picked this up as it reminded me of the writings of Jodi Picoult and Barbara Delinsky.

Where Jodi Picoult focuses on the Medical Issues in her novels, like Barbara Delinsky – Kristin Hannah tends to focus on those taboo issues that families have to experience, some on a day to day basis. 

In Night Road we are met with Lexie Ballis who has been in and out of foster homes and after her mother dies, a distant relative is located and at age 14 Lexie goes to live with her great- aunt Eva.

It is here that she starts school and becomes friends with Mia Faraday and her twin brother Zach.

As the story progresses we see over the next four years, the three of them become close and eventually Zach and Lexie become a serious item.

Though in a blink of an eye, all can change as coming home from a party with Lexie driving, they crash the car and Mia is killed.

Lexie and Zach are soon split as Jude Faraday is determined to see Lexie behind bars and for her to pay for the death of her daughter Mia.

Lexie however has a secret - she is 5 months pregnant. As the story goes on we see that in a blink of an eye lives can change dramatically as Lexie is carted off to prison and Zach is left to raise a baby girl which then develops to look alot like Mia and this causes a rift between Zach and his mother Jude as she can’t stand to look at Grace.

  The novel then follows the lives of Zach, Grace and Lexie and the aftermath of Lexie's release from Prison. Night Road discusses the issues that when it comes to the crunch, we can pick our friends but we cannot pick who we love closest and our family members.

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  • carolynabraham says
    this book looks to be a good read after surgery good to take off my mind off the pain i will have to go out and purchase a copy
  • vickym says
    I have read some of Kristin Hannah's books - I think one was 'On Mystic Lake'? I enjoyed that. I can't say, in my book (excuse the pun) that she is one of those 'can't put down' authors, but she is definitely worth reading. I must say that her book covers always catch my eye.
    • Cinty says
      They say never judge a book by it's cover. But it's easy to do. If the cover catches your eye, you're more inclined to start reading it.
    • beau_angelnz says
      @carolyn - all the best for your surgery
      @vickym - Im with you on that as I can also admit that Kristin Hannah isn't one of those "cant put down" authors as Ive read some of her books and I didn't enjoy them but I do have to say I love her book covers
    • Anna says
      ive never read any of her stuff... but think i will have to now!!
    • KH says
      I haven't read any books by this author so was interested in reading this article. I'm still not sure. Think I'll put this in my "maybe" list.
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