Interview: Ruth Field AKA The Grit Doctor

Emma Codd

Currently based in the delightful town of Motueka, Emma is pursuing her passion for the written word and yoga teaching. Her motley background and eclectic interests provide Emma with much to write about many things, which she mostly does online. She is also busy unleashing her inner fiction writer.

Emma Codd chats with Ruth Field, AKA The Grit Doctor, author of Get Your Sh!t Together.

What is it to have one’s sh!t together?

It means something different to everyone, but is always accompanied by a sense of satisfaction and serenity, because it means that you got the job done – whatever that may be.  It doesn’t last for long though!  GYST is a continuing process.  To have one’s shit together is to be enjoying functioning relationships, a reasonably ordered home and a job that suits you well enough.

I guess the big question is, do you have your sh!t together? If so, did you always and what changed?

No more than anyone else, but what I do have that may be considered an advantage, is a powerful and potent relationship with my inner bitch – the Grit Doctor – who is a formidable task mistress.  And there have been times in my life when my shit has been all over the place:  University, throughout my twenties, just after I had the twins – to name but a few!

Who is the grit doctor, and how did you meet her?

She is my alter ego and I always knew I had her but I only gave her a name  when I wrote Run Fat Bitch Run and in so doing made her voice much MUCH LOUDER…

What made you decide to step in and help women get their sh!t together?

I was talking to my husband about a second project for the Grit Doctor after Run Fat Bitch Run, and he said the thing you are really brilliant at Ruth is getting shit done so why not write a book about that?!  And so I did…

You are a former criminal barrister. How has this influenced the writing of this and your previous book, Run Fat B!tch Run?

I love words and my training and experience practising as a criminal barrister have really honed my word skills: after all I was forever telling stories to juries and trying to persuade them of my case.  Plus I relied heavily on the Grit Doctor for vicious cross-examination techniques!

Please provide a brief (no more than one-line) definition of the following:

My inner bitch:
That strict nagging voice in your head that tells you which shit most urgently needs your attention

Gritmin: The admin of life which we all know to be deathly boring

Virtuous Sh!t Sorting Circle: a collection of trusted confidantes who help you to keep on top of your own shit, specifically with problem solving in key areas where you may have blind spots and are unable to see your way forward;

Grit Grenades: rockets up our asses that help us to get more shit done in less time

Feng Shuit: managing the mess of one’s home!

What are some of the items on your “to don’t” list? 
LIST MAKING; procrastinating, complaining, whingeing, excuse-making.

What is your top sh!t busting skill?  
Ruthless efficiency (fast and furious tackling of gritmin) powered through until the job is done - by the Grit Doctor.

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