DIY Pretty Feet

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DIY Pretty Feet

By Alison Singh Gee for The Style Glossy

DIY Pretty Feet

Feet, being so far below our eyes, often get overlooked when it comes to a regular beauty routine. The result? Most of us walk around with cracked heels, callused toes and dirty soles that never seem to scrub clean -- not exactly the look you want to show off in your new beach sandals.

Summer is the cruelest season for feet, says Reham Bastawros, co-owner of the Nail Garden, a Los Angeles mani-pedi spa that cares for the cuticles of Renee Zellweger, Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox. “During the winter, when your feet are covered in socks and boots, there’s less damage done to them,” says Bastawros. But by late summer, weeks of rubber thongs and sandals can cause the exposed skin of the feet to chafe against the straps with every step. “I’ve seen heels that are cracked to the point that they’re open wounds,” she says.

For stunning tootsies all year round, follow this nourishing routine:


The 6-step Professional Pedicure
Twice a year (once before the summer season and once before the winter holidays), treat yourself to an intensive professional pedicure. Choose a treatment that includes the following steps:

1.    A salt bath to soften feet.

2.    Callus removal, which therapists usually carry out by first brushing a special softening solution onto the affected area and then using a brand-new or properly sanitised tool.

3.    A sugar scrub to exfoliate the whole foot.

4.    A foot massage, using a natural oil such as grapeseed, which deeply penetrates your skin, returning feet to supple form.

5.    A hot paraffin wrap, which seals in moisture.

6.    And finally, the fun part: the classic pedicure, during which your toenails are cut and filed, cuticles are softened and nails are painted.



Do-it-yourself Daily Maintenance
1. Sit at the edge of your bathtub and apply a foot scrub. Choose one that contains your favourite essential oils or make your own by combining 1 tablespoon olive oil with 1 tablespoon raw sugar, oatmeal or chickpea flour. Massage the scrub into your feet and leave it on for five minutes. If time permits, soak hand towels in warm or hot water, and wrap them around your feet. This seals in moisture and works in the same way as a paraffin wax treatment.


2. Keep a foot brush or designated washcloth in the shower. Pour liquid soap onto your chosen scrubber and rub until your heels and toes are thoroughly clean. Three times a week while showering, run a foot file vigorously across your heels and soles. Be sure to replace your file once a month to avoid bacteria buildup.

3. Immediately after your bath or shower, slather your feet with a thick body butter, taking care to massage the lotion into your heels and soles.

4. For an added moisture boost, twice a week before you go to bed, rub olive oil all over your feet and soles, and sleep with socks on.


Summer’s Hottest Toenail Colours
In-vogue toenail colours change just like lipstick shades, and this season brings surprising hues. Naja Green, who owns Extremydys 2012, a West Hollywood hand-and-foot spa that tends to the toes of Lady Gaga, Fergie and Mary J. Blige, says yellow, bright whites, fluorescent pink and light blues are all big this summer, and soft, creamy colours “look amazing on sun-kissed toes.”

Nail Garden’s Bastawros is a fan of metallic nails like those seen inSex and the City 2. “Matte lacquer is cutting-edge for sophisticated style, pink always feels flirty with sweet summer dresses, and dark polishes are almost accessories in themselves,” says Bastawros. For an extra touch of edgy chic, slip on a toe ring or ankle bracelet.

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  • Kate says
    I would love to treat my feet as they have never had anything (other than cutting the nails) done to them. The DIY foot care sounds great and easy
  • Maria w says
    My feet are definitely overdue for some pampering. Got to try this one of these days.
  • Maria w says
    My feet are definitely overdue for some pampering. Got to try this one of these days.
  • JennyT says
    It is so true that we often forget our feet cos, well - they are way down there arent they! Especially if you are a busy Mum. This product looks terrific as its quick an easy to use. Gotta try it!
  • Ginaaaa says
    These tips are awesome! I really need to start taking better care of the soles of my feet!
  • animal lover says
    My feet could really do with this. They are in gumboots so often that they are quite a mess.
  • harksgal says
    As a teen i used to be so embarrassed to show my feet, i thought feet were so ugly. I went into a surf shop once and saw these awesome jandles, i thought to my self i couldn't possibly try them on but i did coz i really liked them. The lady who owed the shop said "they really suit you". I said i think i have ugly feet, she was like "no you don't" they are just normal feet and who cares anyway because its so HOT!!!! I ended up buying the jandles and i got over my thing about my feet. I actually think my feet are normal and i am very luckt that i do not have cracked heels or funny toe nails etc. I love having my feet massaged and i am proud of my feet. :)
  • New Member says
    Feet always seem to get forgotten, but I think they're just as important and hands and face, particularly in the summer. Great article! Thanks!
  • Melskie says
    I picked up some really good tips from this article - it's true that the feet often get overlooked in our beauty regime (my bathroom cupboard is testament to this - full of foot care products I never use). After reading this I'm going to make sure I make time for my feet - especially since they're more visible during this Summer time of year.
  • Georgina28 says
    What a great article, my feet are in need of TLC!

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