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nz by you.With over 40,000 unique visitors each month, these Message Boards will reflect a diverse range of topics and discussions.

For things to work we all need to provide

a) An open mind and,

b) The respect to listen and challenge varying views in a constructive manner.

We have set up a number of catch systems to hold the message boards in line, however if you find anything of issue please contact us via email - for urgent matters.


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We reserve the right to remove any post from our Forums - When posts are deleted, it's usually because they violate one or more of our community rules.

Personal Attacks

Feel free to challenge others' points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully - Don't not resort to personal insults. There is a clear distinction between constructive criticism and unwarranted harassment – the latter is not acceptable.

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These forums are "public," by submitting or posting content here, you are representing that you are the owner of such material or have authorization to distribute it.

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No solicitations or advertisements are allowed. This includes advertisements for your business, your own online endeavours or the latest joke of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Commonsense & Respect

Material that contains vulgar, obscene, Pornographic or indecent language or images including excessive swearing. Statements that are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive Victimization or retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members will not be tolerated and result in immediate banning.


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By registering or posting on the Forums, you agree to abide by the guidelines shown above. Any breaches of these guidelines may result in messages being edited or removed. Repeated breaches may lead to being temporarily or permanently banned from the Forum.

All messages on this Forum represent the views of their author, not the views of, the Forum administrators or any other person/entity. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, its administrators and any other person/entity from any action which may occur as a result of a message you post.

We reserve the right to disclose information in the event of legal action.

The Forum administrators do not guarantee that they are able to read every message posted on the board and offer no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information presented. Nor can we guarantee the removal of every message which may breach of the below guidelines. If you are aware of a breach of the Forum guidelines which has not been identified by the board administrators, click on the report icon and submit a report as to what is unsatisfactory about the post concerned. Or contact us via email - for urgent matters.


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Initial breaches of board guidelines will result in the offending message(s) being edited/removed. If the offending content is the entire message then the message will be removed. If the offending content is only part of a message then the message will be edited removing the offending content.

If a message of yours is edited/removed by a board administrator, do not repost the same content. If you are unsure as to why a message was edited/removed, then get in touch via

For repeated breaches the user will be contacted and given a Warning by either Private message, email or where appropriate as a reply to a message they have posted.

Further breaches may incur a temporary ban, usually for a period of 48 hours.

Repeated refusal to comply with warnings issued by administrators will result in a Final Warning being issued via Private message or email.

Further breaches of board guidelines after receiving a Final Warning will, with the agreement of the majority of the board administrators, result in the user being permanently banned.

If you have been temporarily or permanently banned, then you are not permitted to post via another member or by registering another username.

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  • New Member says
    it would be good to have a gardening discussion forum
    • Anna says
      you could just make a post somewhere? and every one can reply to your post!
    • New Member says
      Steve Jobs R.I.P. It makes you think??
      Hello everyone,it was sad yesterday to hear of the death on Steve Jobs the ex CEO of Apple,he has changed the way we live and communicate,he has left us amazing technology.He has been compared to Henry Ford and Thomson Edison he was an amazing man.I love this quote from Steve.
      "Your time is limited,so dont waste it living someone else's life"
      It also makes you think of your own mortality I think,he was 2 years younger then me,and it proves it does not matter how famous you are or how rich,when its your time to go that's it.

    • Wice says
      What's your policy Chelsey. I had thought it was against the rules but don't see any mention about personal advertising on Chesley in the above guidelines.

      However, I feel unhappy about the post under "Svetol® 2800 - The Silver Bullet For Weight Management" posted by "Simply Devine Beauty Therapy" Is the Chesley forum the place for all of us place advertisements/ logos about our personal businesses? I would like to see this post removed or a policy stating that personal advertising is acceptable included in the above community guidelines.

      PS: I am in no was associated the business of beauty therapy but this post opens the door for a flood of advertising from any businesses who think it might be to their advantage to post on Chelsey. Is this what you want?
    • Elisha says
      That's what poletision would like as to do...

    • Mellow says
      Chelsey, are 'Watch Homefront Online Free', abusing your guidelines e.g. advertising?
      • Chelsey says
        Hi Mellow, we're getting spammed we're deleting 50+ of these posts everyweek. Best regards,
        • New Member says
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        • Mellow says
          Hi Chelsey, the site is being abused by ads again........
        • james says
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          • New Member says
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