Win Fifty Shelves of Grey... and the rest of this parody trilogy

Looking for a gift for your man? Look no further... This new ’50 Shades’ joke book trilogy is for blokes who just don’t get the fuss:

Fifty Shelves of GreyFifty Spades of Grey and Fifty Shades of Grass

These hilarious gift books follow the story of handyman Dave who does some work for a young entrepreneur named Christina, and discovers her desire for something ‘a bit rough’. The unworldly, innocent Dave – like almost every man before him – has no idea what’s going on, and believes Christina simply shares his passions for sports, DIY and gardening. With every story written the way men would like it – incredibly short – this series is a parody that will leave you asking, “How do men and women ever get together?”

To win the trilogy for him (or for yourself, because Chelsey had a read and it is hilarious, no matter your sex!), simply comment below with how your best tip for understanding men. Don't forget to check out next week's newsletter to see if you are a winner and claim your prize!

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  • Naomi says
    I have heard that these books are really good, deep and meaningful :) I would love these!
    • Muffin says
      The best way to understand men is to stop trying and just enjoy each other. When you are both happy what is there to understand?
    • Naomi says
      hahah the best tip for understanding men is to get down to the deep stuff and ask them about their feelings and whats important to them in life
    • Katana says
      You can't really understand males you have to just keep your distance when they are grumpy and make sure they have their shed to retreat to.
    • shadowshaded says
      haha katana you are spot on.we mere males are a simple lot and my tip to all women is to keep food in the pantry and beer in the fridge ........thats about it.
    • leigh176 says
      Forget understanding them (it won't happen) just enjoy them for what they are.
    • Pokie7420 says
      My tip to understanding them would be to just observe them - watch for the little things!
    • falconxr6 says
      I think shadowshaded is right. Food & Beer. Just enjoy what you have we will probably never work them out completely. Just have fun
    • JoCee says
      Beer, sport and bbq's that all you need to know about men.
    • Andypandy says
      Draw them a picture, for a picture speaks a thousands words and guys love images.
    • leelee1994 says
      With quite a few guys, the only to make sure that you get your way is to make it seem like it was their idea. "Of course, your mum can come round for Christmas but I will probably have to get a new outfit as your mum doesn't like any of my old stuff." Another tip is to take the adage "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" to heart. I can even get stuff or favours from male workmates by bringing in a cake to work.

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