Win a McDonald's voucher

McDonald’s is taking Kiwis on an all American roadtrip of taste with its new limited time only menu selection straight from the US of A.

Along with the delicious Chilli Cheese Pops, crunchy Waffle Cones and the world famous breakfast McGriddle, the Tastes of America line up includes the California Chicken, Smoky Texas and Classic New York burgers.

We have 10 vouchers for one of the new American burgers to give away valued from $5.90 each. To enter, simply comment below! Don't forget to check out next week's newsletter to see if you are a winner and claim your prize!

Check out McDonald’s New Zealand on Facebook or Twitter @Maccasnz.

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  • DGCee says
  • animal lover says
    Interesting new menu. Will have to try one of there Waffle Cones while they have them!
  • Chris says
    can't go wrong with waffle cones thats for sure
  • djavkal says
    American Burger from McDo, and Chelsey is giving away some vouchers... we want some, we want kid is crying loud... will appreciate if we got some for our Easter hunt... Cheers and Happy Easter to you and everyone!
  • Hokiz says
    The California Chicken burger sounds yum! can't wait to try these
  • charmed1 says
    Yum... so craving McD's at the moment, those pictures don't help .. I blame it on pregnancy cravings
  • jewellnz says
    we don't get takeaways often, so this would be considered a treat in our household, so yes please, love to try those yummy ice cream in those delicious looking cones.
  • olliepop says
    YUM!!!! Love McDonalds and always get so excited when they bring out new products!!!!
  • mykazza says
    num num yummy looking new menu & especially those mouth watering crunchy waffle cone ice creams......would love to win a voucher to take me 8yr old daughter for a treat in the upcoming school holidays.....if we couldn't go to our local maccas our kids would simply go crackers!!!! Chelsey make it click, one voucher would do the trick :o)
  • Mellow says
    Makka's .... dining in house, or out....... a treat

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