Win a chocolate mint hamper from Nestle


A new survey by Nestlé has revealed it is in fact New Zealand men, not their female counterparts, who are classic chocolate lovers!

Banishing the common stereotype that it’s women who harbour chocolate addictions, almost a third of females identify mint as their preferred flavour of confectionery – while nearly half of NZ men rate chocolate as their favourite.

Perhaps more to be expected was the finding that North Islanders’ favourite flavour is chocolate at 32% (with mint at 25%) while 33% of those in the South Island reflected their cooler temperatures to choose the invigorating blast of mint as their favourite flavour, followed by caramel at 31% and chocolate at 20%.

90% of those surveyed said they did like mint – and across all total respondents, at 27% mint was only slightly behind chocolate as Kiwis’ number one flavour. In a meeting of the male and female minds, over three quarters agree that the combination of chocolate and mint was tastier than mint on its own.

“Mint has the perception of being quite a polarising flavour – lots of people either love it or hate it – but this survey shows New Zealanders are on the love end of the scale,” says Maurice Gunnell of Nestlé. “It’s interesting to hear what side of the fence people sit on!”

To celebrate the release of new mint-flavoured products this year, Nestlé is inviting people to cast their own vote between mint or “the classics” to let their voice be heard and win their very own cash mint. Just purchase any two Nestlé confectionery products and enter your barcode numbers at to vote and be in to win a safe filled with $25,000!

We have three delicious chocolate mint hampers from Nestle to give away. To enter, comment below and let us know your thoughts on mint! Don't forget to check out next week's newsletter to see if you're a winner and claim your chocolatey prize.

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  • Tsa says
    Best combo ever
  • Ginaaaa says
    Is it true what they say about your tastes changing every few years? I could never stand mint and chocolate together, up until a year ago and now I cant get enough of it. Chocolate and mint anything, hot chocolate, baking etc! YUM!
  • New Member says
    What a great combo, I am a chocolate lover but my partner is a even bigger fan than me and will be excited to see this chocolate on the shelves. Can't wait to try it yummy
  • Kylee22 says
    I love chocolate with mint when i was pregnant with my son i craved everything mint with chocolate will have to try nestles kit kat mint chunky
  • animal lover says
    My dream prize! I am such a chocolate lover. Chocolate beats mint for me but together they are fantastic.
  • New Member says
    I love mint flavoured chocolate. What a great prize.
  • Naomi says
    Chocolate and mint go so well together, they compliment each other. The mint flavour is fresh and cool and then the chocolate is creamy and smooth, Yumm!!!
  • Aaron says
    I love mint everyone use to go ewww mint choc, Im first in there, great to have like an after dinner mint
  • New Member says
    YUMMY!!! mint has always been my favourite flavour,and is also my childrens,it makes me feel good and like im in a relaxing place.i would love to win this fab prize,although it would be hard to share :-)
  • Sam says
    Love mint chocolate. There is just something about mint and chocolate that just goes together.

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