Mother's Day - should we only celebrate them on the one day?

Tell us about your mum and we’ll help you celebrate all she’s done for you! 

Mother’s Day has been and gone this year and for most of us, it was a great time to celebrate our mum’s. Some of us took our mothers out for lunch, some sent flowers, and some made them dinner. It was the least we could do really, considering our mothers housed us in their bodies for nine months and painstakingly gave birth to us.

Despite all they have done (be it plastering us up when we fell over, watching us sing (badly) at the talent quest, cooking our dinner night-after-night or loving us unconditionally), some of you will still have forgot to organise something for Mother’s Day! To these people, Morton Estate asks, “What were you thinking?!!!”  Morton Estate believes mums are worth celebrating any time of the year and they want to help you make it up to your mums with something extra special. 

We have six double packs of Morton Estate sparkling wine to giveaway. To be in the draw to win, simply write a comment below to tell us a bit about your mum – when did you realize you hand turned into your mum? Or, what traits have you picked up from her along the way? THEN, head to the Love & Relationships forum and make a constructive contribution to discussion there to FINALISE your entry.

Each double pack contains one bottle each of Morton Estate Mimi Méthode Traditionnelle and Morton Estate Premium Brut Méthode Traditionnelle.  Morton Estate’s Mimi is a fun and vivacious sparkling wine, with a sweet and soft palate. Morton Estate’s Premium Brut is fresh and lively with fresh fruit flavours, fit for any celebratory occasion. To check out the Morton Estate range of premium wines, go to 


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  • mahmmatesrulez says
    Mum aint only my mother but she became my best friend. We can tlk about anything and everything. She listens to me no matter if she wants to hear the problem or not. Shes my inspriation, us kids have always being her 1st piority and I wouldnt be the women ive turned into today if it werent for her. I am going to be a 1st time mum soon (June) and I know I will make a brilliant mum just like mum has done for us. And she loves wine so this would be a good prize!! hehe
  • angela says
    I love my mum but noones perfect and I have picked up some of her irrational traits such as being nice to people I hardly know and then being grumpy and irritable with the people closest to me but because I'm aware of it I can be concious of the way I react to people and try to change the way I act. As far as I'm concerned introspection is very important and I'll never be perfect but I will always strive to be
  • Marley says
    I sound like my mum when I tell the kids off ha ha. I have the best kids tho.
  • Marley says
    I sound like my mum when I tell the kids off ha ha. I have the best kids tho.
  • Mellow says
    My mum had 9 kids, [whew, you may say] but she was there for us like a mother is ...... what words can one truly say?
  • Eddie says
    I picked up my mums gentle and loving nature and her patience and endurance when times are tough.
  • Foreverme says
    I can't say me and my Mum have had the best relationship over the years.She lives in the UK and we went through a number of years without talking.It's really only in the last few years we have started communicated with each other.
    I think at the end of the day I put it down too us being so much alike and we are both very stubborn people.
    Admittedly I do miss her and wish she wasn't so far away it is very sad that she doesn't get to see her Grand kids growing up.
    I do love and miss my Mum and wish I could get to see her more often.I've realised living so far away it's just not worth falling out with each other.
  • Wice says
    She is high- strung, demanding, self-absorbed and manipulative. She is generous, engaging, dynamic, funny and charming. I never know from one day to the next whether we are best buddies or I'm in her bad books and I've walked on tenterhooks all my life with her. She drives me crazy. I love her deeply. She has made me what I am.
  • ClaireElizabeth says
    I always tried to show my Mum love and appreciation all the time and especially on special occasions, but as I got older I realised what a futile effort that was, as she really wasn't that interested. She played favourites and I wasn't it. I try so hard to let my kids know I love them all and even though I don't get too much in the way of gifts, I feel their love everyday.
  • Merrie says
    My Mum died in 2008, and I miss her lots. But my partner has a wonderful mum, and she has raised 11 kids, and is still wonderful and giving. She takes some of the sadness away that I don't have my mum. For Mothers Day we gave her the gift of not visiting as we were sick with the flu, she was very greatful.

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