Interview: Jane de Borchgrave

Rachel Wu

Rachel is currently Chelsey's Editor for all things Beauty & Lifestyle. She is an Auckland based writer and freelance journalist. She has also worked at NZ Fashion Week 2012 as a social media blogger, writing for Nzfashionfiles. She is an avid health foodie, yogi and surfer. She also loves witty poetry and hilarious banter!

Chelsey’s Rachel chats to Jane de Borchgrave, chocolate lover and creator of Kokoleka.

Tell us your story: What did you do before Kokoleka

I have been in marketing and new product development for years and have always been fond of food and cooking; I love the creation of flavours in food and have always been a huge chocolate lover; I am that person who adds extra chocolate to any recipe that calls for chocolate; I cannot remember a day when I have not had chocolate in some form!

What inspired you to start up your own business

The inspiration was not about wanting my own business necessarily; it was truly about wanting to drink a really good hot chocolate.  I do not drink coffee and only occasionally tea, but I love really good hot chocolate; (before I started Kokoleka, I would drink hot chocolate made from melted chocolate bars mixed with hot milk!); not very convenient!.  It is so frustrating to go to a café and be given a hot chocolate that didnt have that lovely rich full chocolate taste; they always taste so sweet and flavourless, and I thought that I couldn’t be the only person out there who felt like we deserved a better hot chocolate drink………so I decided that I would make one that I would be really happy to drink and that meant I would need to start a business J!

Kokoleka’s Hot Chocolate is an absolute hit. Can you tell us a bit more about this tasty treat? 

A good hot chocolate drink is more than just some cocoa and sugar mixed with milk!  This range is made with really beautiful Dutch Cocoa (have a look at how dark it is when you open the packet); we are generous with the cocoa content in our product, and then we use natural flavors and a few little secrets to give the drink a lovely, smooth, velvety texture!

What other chocolatey goods does Kokoleka have to offer?

None yet; will keep you posted on those.

Where can we purchase Kokoleka chocolate? 

Check out for a full list of the stockists otherwise you can order on line.

What is your personal favourite Kokoleka treat and why? 

Really, truly, I don’t have a favourite; each one just so suits a different occasion or mood.  The Classic Dark and the Hot Chilli are my choice for every day when I want my morning hot chocolate; mood depending; the Warm Ginger is yum on really cold days and the Peppermint is like drinking an ‘after dinner mint’; try it as a ‘shot’, short and strong……..really delicious! 

Christmas is around the corner,  and the perfect gift is always hard to find. What special Kokoleka treats are on offer?

We have launched a tin with the beautiful branding printed on it.  They are great, affordable presents for those occasions when you want to give someone some special without breaking the bank; and the tins are so great looking, you don’t even need to wrap them up; just a ribbon will do!

And lastly what advice would you offer to Chelsey readers?

Really, life is too short to drink average hot chocolates!  If you drink a hot chocolate, make sure it tastes like a treat every time and why not experiment; try different flavours and keep things interesting.

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  • Wice says
    This does sound like a good stocking filler. Prices (from website)

    250 gram pack $11.99
    500 gram pack $19.99
    250 gram tin$12.95

    Shipping (nationwide) $3.00

    The cocoa content ranges from between 36% to 37% depending on the variant.

    Picture of tin below
  • Tamzen says
    Tempted to buy if I thought husband wouldn't glare at me...
  • mahmmatesrulez says
    mmmmm shall i??
  • Cornelia says
    This sounds amazing - seems like you would be able to make some delicious top-quality hot chocolate in your home without heading to a cafe! Would be so handy for the cold winter months :)
  • rmoloney says
    Sounds great having a hot chocolate with a difference, nice flavours.
  • Mellow says
    Nothing beats real chocolate! And this sounds a treat!
  • Eloursnz says
    Mmmmm. Love how they are not just classic flavours. Warm ginger! Yummy!
  • weekiwi says
    I can't wait to try these! I think the tins are super cute and would love to have one in my kitchen.
  • Buzz says
    Hot Chilli. . . .Sounds wicked!
  • Juicy_Fruit says
    Such a great idea for an Xmas present!!!

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