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Hair removal has either been painful, or tedious for me. Waxing hurts, shaving needs to be done nearly every day, and plucking is tedious and painful! I have a friend who's spent the last six months or more raving about "sugar waxing", saying it wasn't at all painful (want a bet, said wussy me), and that it was much gentler on the skin. Being rather sceptical, I headed along to Maraetai Day Spa to try sugaring, just to prove her wrong.

Since my pain-threshold is exceptionally low, I thought I'd start with a fairly small hair removal job - my eyebrows. It's a natural alternative to waxing apparently, originating in the Middle East. New Zealand's just a bit slow catching on, Pauline, sugaring specialist and owner of Maraetai Day Spa, explained. The product itself is very simple - essentially just sugar, water and lemon juice - but the technique takes hours of training. What is special about sugaring, is that it only sticks to the hair - not the skin, making it far less painful.

First Pauline smeared some talcum powder on my eyebrows. It makes the sugar stick, and helps prevent redness. It tickled and made my eyes water, but wasn't painful so far! Pauline took the sugar in a golden ball, moulding it between her fingers. She then instructed me to close my eyes and relax, assuring me that many of her clients fall asleep while getting it done. I did as instructed, and waited for the pain. After the first placement, and removal of the sugar, I opened my eyes, asking, was that it? Apparently so, Really, it felt a little like pulling selotape of my skin. Not painful at all, and the worst bit was really my watering eyes from the talcum powder!

I was impressed with the results after one eye - there was a little redness, but that didn't take too long to go down. It was great seeing the comparison between the two eyebrows - it really revealed just how hairy my eyebrows had been! Even if sugaring had been painful, I wouldn't have wanted to walk out with one eye done, so I relaxed again for my second eye.

The result: pretty eyebrows with no pain! (Alright, I admit it, I was wrong!)

So quickly, here's a sum up on how sugaring is different from normal waxing:

  • It uses natural products.
  • It has a lower application temperature, reducing redness and irritation.
  • Washes off with water - no chemicals needed.
  • Adheres to dead skin cells and gives a skin treatment at the same time
  • Excellent for sensitive areas
  • Smells yummy.
  • It doesn't hurt!
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  • Bonza769 says
    Never heard of this..but it sounds great as cant wait to try it.
  • Nelly247 says
    love to try this! have heard rave reviews about sugaring but never quite got around to finding a ready-made kit at the store.
  • coco says
    Doesn't hurt sounds great!!
  • dognay says
    I've never heard of this before but it sounds great. I'd love to try it.
  • New Member says
    very kool...would love to try this product xx
  • Karla B says
    This looks like the way to go!
  • Claire1971 says
    This looks relatively painless and completely natural. Also good value for money. I would certainly give it a go.
  • jewellnz says
    wow this sounds like a great alternative to the usual, would be keen as to try this, it sounds truly amazing
  • Heather says
    I'm so excited to have won this prize, not a fan of waxing though I do it anyway just so I feel beautiful and groomed afterwards, which is a must with two pre-school kids running circles around me all day, so looking forward to trying a pain free way of waxing.
  • Heather says
    Recieved prize in post, was really exited until I realised I was about to inflict pain onto myself, the last at home waxing kit I purchased was almost 8 years ago and remember it being rather painful, so I stared and stared for hours on end at this sugaring waxing kit trying to pluck up the courage. It took until my two year old decided to get into it a couple days after before I thought why not its open now, and am pleasantly surprised, it was definitely user friendly, easy to clean up afterwards, and though it was a little painful on certain areas, it was more like ripping a plaster or celatape off, and not at all how I remember my last experience, usually let the professionals do it, I decided to do my full legs and really liked the results, definetly recommend this product.

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