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  • Paranormal Activity 3 Giveaway

    Last post: jkt on 20.10.11 at 11:26 | Started by KH on 08.10.11

    Yeah I saw both 1 and 2. I LOVE horror movies so would be awesome to see the third installment! Once everyone realised it was a 'Blair Witch' style movie (made to look real, but not) everyone was hating on it. I still think it's a spooky series. And it's great because it's about the build up. You don't know what's going to happen and then suddenly something will subtly move and it gives you shivers :) Read more about Paranormal Activity 3 Giveaway

  • R18 Competition

    Last post: jkt on 17.10.11 at 22:35 | Started by theseries01 on 14.10.11

    The Delight Rabbit Vibrator! Reow! Read more about R18 Competition

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ20 Camera Giveaway

    Last post: jkt on 17.10.11 at 22:26 | Started by sharon64 on 14.09.11

    Cute camera! I like that it shoots in HD :) I've been through about half a dozen point-and-shoot cameras in my life. I always seem to drop them/ shatter the screen etc. I should probably look at a camera that is a bit more durable haha Read more about Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ20 Camera Giveaway

  • Weekly Cute Fix - 06 June 2011

    Last post: jkt on 21.06.11 at 09:44 | Started by jea525 on 15.06.11

    I think I once spent about 3 hours surfing the web looking for videos and pictures of animals from different species playing together. It's amazing how often in zoos, a mother X will take on a baby Y because it doesn't have a home. Here's one on a tiger adopting piglets! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqkzJoRua5U Read more about Weekly Cute Fix - 06 June 2011

  • What NOT to take

    Last post: jkt on 21.06.11 at 09:36 | Started by Laura_actually on 20.06.11

    With regards to prescription drugs, is it ok if you have the meds in a bottle with your name clearly labelled on (you know how they print it at the pharmacy and stick it on for you??) or do you have to have a separate letter?

    Taking photos of your valuables is also super handy if they get stolen then you have proof for insurance! Also taking photos of your stuff can help you remember if you've lost anything.

    I definitely haven't found that NZ charges customs on any items purchased overseas. I came back to Auckland from Hawaii this past January with over $3000 worth of new stuff and they didn't bat an eyelid. What countries are known for charging duty? Read more about What NOT to take

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