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  • Break your fast

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:47 | Started by flowery3 on 21.07.11

    I think missing out on any meal during the day isnt a good thing. I find eating a filling breakfast and working my portions down throughout the day suits me best.

    Used to miss my breakfasts when I was studying and found I always suffered a lot more towards the end of the day. I was a lot more run down and couldn't concentrate. Read more about Break your fast

  • Eat to sleep

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:43 | Started by Trileenie on 12.07.11

    Carbs for dinner - wow that's the first I have heard someone say that. I cut right down on carbs thinking i dont need them before I go to bed. Definitely could be a reason my sleep isn't so great, will try this and see how a bit more carbs will affect my sleep then.. Read more about Eat to sleep

  • Healthy Breakfast Foods

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:40 | Started by coco on 13.07.11

    Have always stuck to tuna on toast so need to switch it up. Oatmeal sounds like a nice change, cant really picture it without brown sugar though Read more about Healthy Breakfast Foods

  • Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:39 | Started by flowery3 on 21.07.11

    Definetly worth the money - cirque du soleil blows 'normal' circuses out of the water. Been to a few of their shows and have been bummed I havent paid more to get the better seats available. Cant wait for this one! Read more about Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco

  • "Holy Grail" cosmetics.

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:37 | Started by KH on 21.07.11

    My gosh cannot live without blistex round container lip balm. Its not quite cosmetics but I go through a lot and change a lot of cosmetics I use but have always stuck by my blistex lip balm. Read more about "Holy Grail" cosmetics.

  • Online Gaming

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:35 | Started by Rocketman on 21.07.11

    Never tried it - not sure if I want to. Watching my partner be addicted to it is what scares me off it. Read more about Online Gaming

  • Reality Tv shows.

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:33 | Started by Rocketman on 21.07.11

    I would be lying if I said I don't like reality TV shows - but definitely think a lot of them are going too far and crossing all sorts of lines. Little scared to think how this is affecting the tweens who watch and sometimes rely on the information obtained from these shows. Read more about Reality Tv shows.

  • 30th Birthday Presents

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:31 | Started by Nadia on 21.07.11

    Why don't you ask her? I have always had a list of things I want and have to smile politely when people get me things they think I will like. I would ask her if she has something on her mind she wants or if she would prefer you to find something for her. If you need to find something for her maybe find a nice photograph of you both as children blow it up and get it professionally framed. Personally something I would adore not sure about her. Read more about 30th Birthday Presents

  • Tv these days. The glory days of Tv the 80's.

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:29 | Started by Rocketman on 21.07.11

    I was born late 80s so not too sure about back then but I absolutely love Reality TV shows along with police 10 7/ fringe/ greys anatomy and doco channels. Even though it may seem like it I don't watch a lot of TV. Read more about Tv these days. The glory days of Tv the 80's.

  • Where do you shop online?

    Last post: Hannah on 21.07.11 at 14:26 | Started by SarahC on 21.07.11

    I use amazon for those things you just cant get in New Zealand - has it all. But after reading this forum I definitely need to check out a few more you gals have mentioned. Read more about Where do you shop online?


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