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  • Is there really such a thing as 'Big Bones?'

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 10:11 | Started by bassplayer on 20.07.11

    I have always wondered whether bones could actually be bigger? People who are really tall and large overall I have always assumed to be 'big boned' but not necessarily overweight people. Great reading. . . Read more about Is there really such a thing as 'Big Bones?'

  • Motivation to run

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 10:07 | Started by T T on 08.07.11

    I think running at the gym is a whole different field from running outside - the gym is alot easier if your not doing hills or trying different levels of steepness. I find running outside quite peaceful and a lot more to look at compared to the gym - you may well just be fine. Music never hurts though Read more about Motivation to run

  • Lose weight without starving!

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 10:06 | Started by Skye on 13.07.11

    I have always found it hard to have enough veges in the day. . . opted to even take vege sticks to work because I struggle to get them in any other time. Congrats for being able to stick to something like this.

    So weight training helps you loose more than cardio?? have always thought it was the other way around. . will have to try that Read more about Lose weight without starving!

  • Help please...wedding favour advice/suggestions/hints !!

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 09:44 | Started by nicandes on 08.07.11

    Depends how much your willing to spend. Cheaper option is food - sister in law made delicious fudge and wrapped it up in little packs for each person. Have had ferrero chocolates doubled as place seating names for each person. Heard of shrubs being gifted as presents which would be great to doubles as decorations for the venue. Personal favourite would be candles gifted for a winter wedding and jandels gifted for a summer wedding. Basket with jandels for people to get comfortable when dancing and to lighten the mood that is. Read more about Help please...wedding favour advice/suggestions/hints !!

  • Ice cream and other treats

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 09:24 | Started by T T on 10.07.11

    Yoghurt with banana is definitely my favourite for a snack. Ice-cream every now and then wont hurt at all. I tend to keep Fridays or Saturdays as my splurge night where I treat myself with something such as desert or not so healthy dinner. Just make sure you get some exercise in there, I make sure i spend an hour at the gym atleast 4 times a week. Read more about Ice cream and other treats

  • Overweight daughter....

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 09:18 | Started by kano11 on 21.07.11

    Perhaps help by making sure only healthy snacks are available in the house. If your watching what she eats it could be her snacking that's doing it or her portion sizes. I remember a friend who was overweight at school, her mum always made her healthy lunches but she would throw them out or give them away and go to the school caffeteria and buy junk food. Read more about Overweight daughter....

  • Recipies on a budget

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 09:15 | Started by jea525 on 08.07.11

    I'm big on tuna on toast (maybe not for a dinner though) Read more about Recipies on a budget

  • Sore shins

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 09:13 | Started by coco on 20.07.11

    Definitely sounds like shin splints. . . had it and it just have never seemed to go away now Read more about Sore shins

  • Where are you? I'm in Ohauiti, Tauranga

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 09:12 | Started by Roz on 20.07.11

    Suppose having the area on your profile wouldn't be bad ... Auckland btw Read more about Where are you? I'm in Ohauiti, Tauranga

  • Who warms up / warms down

    Last post: Hannah on 22.07.11 at 09:11 | Started by coco on 20.07.11

    Never - I always go for a round 20 mins on treadmill 20 mins on bike and 20 mins on cross trainer - never warm up or down. Do feel little sore the next day but I find it weird if I dont feel sore - like I havent done the work. Read more about Who warms up / warms down

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