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  • Win a Maybelline New York Prize Pack

    Last post: Cornelia on 03.12.12 at 13:07 | Started by H2ORisso on 03.12.12

    Amazing prizes and I love the colours, especially the lipstick. Looks so natural and perfect for everyday wear! :) Read more about Win a Maybelline New York Prize Pack

  • Is romantic love really essential?

    Last post: Cornelia on 05.10.11 at 12:07 | Started by Cornelia on 05.10.11

    Romantic love used to be such a fantastic concept when I was young. Okay, I'm only 20, I'm still young.

    Anyway, what I mean is, when I was younger, love and relationship were the things that I absolutely looked forward to in life. But over time, I think that expectation and exciting anticipation faded. Now, looking around at the countless failed relationships, I start to wonder whether love really is an essential ingredient of marriage and a successful lasting relationship.

    Some say that love is definitely a must. Some say you need much more than love. Some say it's not necessary for a long-term relationship to work. I think I've reached a stage where I realise that maybe it shouldn't be the number one priority on the "essential ingredients list".

    Don't get me wrong, I haven't had a break up and am not heartbroken. It's actually very strange to have thoughts like this when I am at an age where I'm expected to get butterflies and starry-eyed at the concept of love. Somehow it just doesn't dazzle me anymore. Read more about Is romantic love really essential?

  • Auckland City's Opening Ceremony for Rugby World Cup, attend or avoid like the plague?

    Last post: Cornelia on 06.09.11 at 13:37 | Started by joage on 31.08.11

    I'll be volunteering at the Eden Park game! So I guess that doesn't leave me with any other option..:) Read more about Auckland City's Opening Ceremony for Rugby World Cup, attend or avoid like the plague?

  • Lose weight without starving!

    Last post: Cornelia on 06.09.11 at 13:34 | Started by Skye on 13.07.11

    I personally don't think that this kind of diet would suit everyone.. A bit of meat for lunch and dinner, limit carbs and sugar, lots of fiber and wholegrain, fill up on fruit and especially veges - simplicity really has worked for me (though 9 servings of vegetables a day might be a bit excessive? It would depend on body size and weight too, I am quite small). I do completely agree, however, that starvation would not work in the long term. Weight loss should be permanent and nobody likes to have shakes for the rest of their lives.. :) Read more about Lose weight without starving!

  • Travel Planning Don'ts

    Last post: Cornelia on 05.07.11 at 11:07 | Started by Cornelia on 05.07.11

    The tip about not leaving all the packing to the last minute is so true - although everyone ends up doing it!

    I totally agree with the fact that a bit of research is required. I have to admit that I personally do too much planning when travelling. Sometimes it's fun to just explore a place without necessarily knowing exactly where you're headed next :) Read more about Travel Planning Don'ts

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