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  • A New Me - from size 20 to size 10 in one year.

    Last post: Twitteratti on 09.07.11 at 22:39 | Started by Roz on 07.07.11

    Congrats - that is a superb achievement. Full credit for being so regimental - it has certainly worked for you!! Read more about A New Me - from size 20 to size 10 in one year.

  • Pump Class or Pilates?

    Last post: Twitteratti on 09.07.11 at 22:35 | Started by vickym on 08.07.11

    I'd do the Pump class and then at home do a basic 20min pilates routine afterwards (4+ times a week) There are heaps of cheap DVDs around or if you have a Wii - My Fitness Coach has a good pilates routine it puts on the end of your cardio workout. Things like side crunches, crunches, plank, side-plank, roll-like a ball, hundreds, leg extension, leg kicks etc all are great at toning your slimming body (that cardio is giving you) Read more about Pump Class or Pilates?

  • Who Exercises!

    Last post: Twitteratti on 09.07.11 at 22:32 | Started by kano11 on 07.07.11

    I must admit to being obsessive about fitness. I force myself to have a day off a week these days but feel guilty about not exercising on that day, which I know is silly. I've been a gym member throughout different phases of my life but now that I'm a busy Mum, found I don't have the time (or spare cash) to join. I exericse by walking, exercycling, pilates and doing the BEST workout system on (believe it or not!) the Wii - My Fitness Coach. You can set up combination of step aerobics, normal high impact aerobics, pilates, yoga, weights etc. It is a superb workout (truly) and have even converted hubby to do it twice a week.

    For anyone who doesn't have time, motivation, cash for a gym - I strongly recommend it. It really does work and it tracks your fitness too. Read more about Who Exercises!

  • Has anyone heard of, is following, or has followed the Tracy Anderson Method?

    Last post: Twitteratti on 09.07.11 at 22:25 | Started by nathsmum on 08.07.11

    I've also bought the DVD in case I found it difficult to keep up with my usual biking/walking/pilates/aerobics during winter. I must admit it has sat there unopened as so far, Dunedin has had a sunny, dry winter, so I've maintained my summer routine. You've got me curious though so I will dust it off and give it a crack. Might be nice to do before pilates! Read more about Has anyone heard of, is following, or has followed the Tracy Anderson Method?

  • Weight loss - Help

    Last post: Twitteratti on 09.07.11 at 22:23 | Started by Anna on 08.07.11

    Winter is always that bit tougher. To keep motivated throughout winter, I buy (or get out of closet) summery that I'm dying to wear and look fab in. Keep that as a goal for getting through those dark, hunger ridden days. I get out a calendar and work out how many months till 'summer clothing' days and that keeps me motivated.

    Good luck and congrats on the phenomenal weightloss! You're clearly well motivated to have done so well so you'll find the incentive again! Read more about Weight loss - Help

  • Beach Wedding Favors

    Last post: Twitteratti on 20.06.11 at 21:54 | Started by Lana4 on 20.06.11

    Very cool ideas. We came so close to having a Vanuatu Beach wedding and this article could have provided great inspiration, but an Elvis elopement to Vegas got in the way... Read more about Beach Wedding Favors

  • Taking the slow road

    Last post: Twitteratti on 20.06.11 at 12:30 | Started by Twitteratti on 20.06.11

    This is the type of article I wished I'd read before spending 3yrs in Europe. It is only once I got home (and grew up a bit!) that I realised how many opportunities I missed. A year of drunken antics in Scotland could have perhaps been better spent seeing sights that I may not get the chance to see again.
    Thanks for great article - next time, next time! Read more about Taking the slow road

  • What NOT to take

    Last post: Twitteratti on 20.06.11 at 12:27 | Started by Laura_actually on 20.06.11

    While we assume so much is common sense, we daily hear of people making idiotic mistakes in international travel, so clearly it isn't! Hubby learned the hard way after wearing a stuntman tshirt that had a picture of a James Bondish charcter with a gun on it. He got searched at customs and they said "really? You thought THAT was a good tshirt to wear flying?" So yep, add to that list items of clothing with guns or inflammatory words etc on it! Dont' give customs an excuse to pick YOU out! Read more about What NOT to take

  • Healthy Food Choices: Why They Matter

    Last post: Twitteratti on 12.06.11 at 21:52 | Started by Twitteratti on 12.06.11

    The 'you are what you eat' needs to be drilled in to people time and time again. I braved Pak'n'Save today and it amazes me how many overweight unhealthy lookign people push trolleys of complete and utter crap past me. White bread. pies. icecream. Coke. Blah, seriously wake-up calls needed all round. Read more about Healthy Food Choices: Why They Matter

  • Joyfear

    Last post: Twitteratti on 12.06.11 at 21:50 | Started by Twitteratti on 12.06.11

    Copyright that little sucker, joyfear, how did we ever live without that term? The stepping on to a plane before you leave NZ for your big OE, the day you pack up and move out of home, the second before you say "I Do", the second you get your first contraction... Joyfear. I love it. Read more about Joyfear


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