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Married with children..Work in IT.. love arts, crafts, reading, social networking...

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  • 9.09 – Baileys Time

    Last post: Cataren on 15.02.12 at 11:12 | Started by landofchocolate on 13.02.12

    Ahh Bailey and Chick flick what more could a girl ask for?
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  • SodaStream shows Kiwis how to enjoy fizz with less guilt

    Last post: Cataren on 31.01.12 at 11:44 | Started by Wice on 30.01.12

    My cousins had a Soda Stream, we loved going over there and thought it pretty cool that we could pick what ever flavour we liked and loved watching the magic of turning regular water in bubbly fun! Did not think of the impact of saving plastic, by having one of these, have been considering get one for the kids but this makes me even more motivated to do so and for them to enjoy the thrill of making their own bubbly fun! Read more about SodaStream shows Kiwis how to enjoy fizz with less guilt

  • Lose weight without starving!

    Last post: Cataren on 12.12.11 at 13:05 | Started by Skye on 13.07.11

    A friend at work is helping with a programme that he went on which is really the atkins diet, I was a little unsure at first and for two weeks was not allowed any carbs this was to put my body into ketosis which sounds horrendous but for those who know it just means that it starts burning fat...well this is week three and I feel amazing, I used to get a really swollen stomach and a lot of acid reflux and always felt tired, I think the culprit may have been bread...I can now introduce sensible carbs oh and have lost 5 kg....the only thing is not happy about eating too much meat and looking for alternative proteins...maybe even a protein shake for lunch, dont mind eggs for breakfast and meat/fish for dinner Read more about Lose weight without starving!

  • Making marriage work

    Last post: Cataren on 05.12.11 at 16:42 | Started by Wice on 30.11.11

    Wow looks like a great book. The trouble with relationships is that are 90% emotional. This book looks like it can help you step off the emotional rollercoaster and rationally examine it, identify issues, and address them! Read more about Making marriage work

  • French Polynesia, where it is, and what it's like

    Last post: Cataren on 14.09.11 at 09:48 | Started by Wice on 12.09.11

    I would love to go to Tahiti, thank you Wice for your posts and pics looks beautiful...think I have just added this destination to my Bucket List!
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  • Cafe Brasileiro

    Last post: Cataren on 14.09.11 at 09:43 | Started by Wice on 08.09.11

    I saw this on facebook too...Perfect for a cold night!
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  • RWC Celebrations in Auckland City...

    Last post: Cataren on 13.09.11 at 13:31 | Started by Cataren on 08.09.11

    We did not go in the end after seeing the notices on Facebook that no further public transport was allowed into the city..we still had a great time, sat at the top of a little hill and watched the fireworks and then rushed off to a friends to watch the game and had a bbq glad we did not go, however friends who were able to make it said it was amazing...:-)
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  • Best Fashion Lables/Designers for 35+

    Last post: Cataren on 25.08.11 at 11:10 | Started by Cataren on 25.08.11

    I have finally come to accept that I am now a mature woman...have been in denial for a few years and am now embracing it. I have decided to change my wardrobe and style, but still want to express my personality...anyone have any great tips, designers/lables they can recommend..... Read more about Best Fashion Lables/Designers for 35+

  • Be a Diva It girl

    Last post: Cataren on 08.06.11 at 11:08 | Started by Laura_actually on 07.06.11

    1. Women in Business, Business ideas for stay at home mums etc
    2. Whatever is trending on the news/twitter
    3. Moneysavinng ideas tips
    4. Rasing kids/teens/blended family issues etc.
    5. Marriage relationship chats maybe getting in experts to answer tough questions posed on the Forum
    6. Fashion/Beauty tips
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  • Welcome to Chelsey

    Last post: Cataren on 19.04.11 at 12:02 | Started by Bellbird on 19.04.11

    Welcome! Yay a "Girl" Version of Frank...which I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years.... Read more about Welcome to Chelsey


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