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  • Win a LELO GIGI

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 15.04.13 at 18:49 | Started by Candy_Cane on 15.04.13

    745 staying alive - have been a fun factory gal up to now so would be nice to try something diff Read more about Win a LELO GIGI

  • Listomania - 5 Exceptionally Good Cover Songs

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 28.09.11 at 11:12 | Started by Wice on 25.09.11

    I think with the popularity of programmes like Glee there are too many covers coming out these days and don't even get me started on Mashups!! I do love both Creep and Hurt tho and one of my fave remakes is Nothin compares to you which most people know as a Sinnead O'Connor song but which was originally written and performed by Prince Read more about Listomania - 5 Exceptionally Good Cover Songs

  • Disappearing ‘Dailies”: Who reads newspapers?

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 22.08.11 at 11:53 | Started by Wice on 18.08.11

    I browse Stuff, the NZ Herald and the Sydney Morning Herald online most days but also like to read an actual physical paper so usually buy The Dom Post or read someones at work. I get the sunday paper delievered cause are often in laze mode and sometimes don't leave my property on sundays. When major events like the Tsunami or London riots happen I also will read the bbc and reurters online Read more about Disappearing ‘Dailies”: Who reads newspapers?

  • Love online

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 08.08.11 at 12:54 | Started by Paul.Eaton48 on 21.07.11

    I've also had this experience. Tried two different sites and found on the more serious one that it was mostly men 10 or more yrs older than me approaching and on the more well known site I eventually learned that it's a hunting ground for players. I even have male friends who are on there and they date numerous woman each month and can get most of them into bed. It's very easy to get swept up in the excitment of online chatting when you first start and you can read into the other person's replies that they might be looking for similar to you when in fact they are just killing time or looking for casual encounters. Read more about Love online

  • Travel Planning Don'ts

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 13.07.11 at 11:19 | Started by Cornelia on 05.07.11

    I could never travel spontaneously to a country. Have way too many places i want to visit and for different reasons which often involves picking the exact right time. Sure if you have won lotto you could be a little more vague but we don't all have that luxury so it makes more sense to pick the destinations that have most captured your imagination Read more about Travel Planning Don'ts

  • How Well Do You Know Your Lady Bits? Part 2

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 20.06.11 at 11:18 | Started by ama2008 on 17.06.11

    good to know chaffing issues aren't that uncommon. guys tend to think that saying you need a break is always a mental thing rather than sometimes due to actual physical discomfort Read more about How Well Do You Know Your Lady Bits? Part 2

  • What NOT to take

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 20.06.11 at 11:15 | Started by Laura_actually on 20.06.11

    Be extra careful with normal daily things you don't think twice about. I once took a necklace to Tahiiti not realising it actually had coral bits till customs stopped me on the way back home and presumed i'd bought it on holiday Read more about What NOT to take

  • Win No Strings Attached on Blue Ray

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 20.06.11 at 11:10 | Started by Nadia on 20.06.11

    NO - friends are the people who dance with joy at your wedding. fb's aren't true friends Read more about Win No Strings Attached on Blue Ray

  • Isla Mujeres, Mexico – The Island of Women

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 08.06.11 at 11:08 | Started by Selina on 07.06.11

    I'm a snorkelling addict and have always wanted to visit the Yucutan area - compared to Cook Strait this would be like swiming through warm soft sheets Read more about Isla Mujeres, Mexico – The Island of Women

  • Celebrate with Daniel Le Brun

    Last post: stealthkiwi on 08.06.11 at 11:06 | Started by EmJay on 07.06.11

    My grandmother is turning 80 this month and as I have no parents I'm very close to her and would be great to share some fizz with her Read more about Celebrate with Daniel Le Brun


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