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  • Calling all chocolate lovers - win with ORIGINAL SOURCE

    Last post: leelee1994 on 22.07.13 at 12:52 | Started by shadowshaded on 22.07.13

    Nice prize. My son and I spent a while smelling all the Original Source body washes. I figured that if he picked one he liked then he was more likely to use it instead of not using - I know, very gross for girls but apparently until boys start being interested in girls then they have very little interest in hygiene. Anyway, he would of picked the Chocolate Mint one if it was there (it came out after our smelling stint) but instead he went for the Mint and I am pleased to say that he uses it every time without fail. Read more about Calling all chocolate lovers - win with ORIGINAL SOURCE

  • Win a LELO GiGi

    Last post: leelee1994 on 15.07.13 at 12:18 | Started by Lilo Harris on 15.07.13

    I like the Mesh Babydoll with Underwire and Gstring as it looks like it will cover any lumps and bumps left on the belly. And as I am partnerless at the moment, the Lelo will come in very handy! Very tempted to add in LOL or wink, wink afterwards but that will probably come across sleazy instead of needy. Read more about Win a LELO GiGi

  • Win with Madpax

    Last post: leelee1994 on 15.07.13 at 12:08 | Started by Lilo Harris on 15.07.13

    If it is the start of the new year then their Christmas presents include new lunchbox, backpack, shoes and special pens. Every first day (including the start of Terms 2-4) gets a special bacon and eggs breakfast and CocoPops (or similar) for as many days after as the box lasts. Lunch is set out the night before (except for refrigerated items) and uniform is left in the lounge - great for winter mornings when everyone prefers to get dressed in front of the heater.

    But my top tip would be to have different things for lunches - it gets to be pretty boring having the same thing every day so try out new recipes and new sandwich combinations (you try them too!) and with any luck you will have a large trove of ideas for subsequent lunches and hopefully empty lunch boxes after school (and work). Read more about Win with Madpax

  • Win with Danny's Pita Bread

    Last post: leelee1994 on 09.07.13 at 20:53 | Started by ClaireElizabeth on 08.07.13

    I remember when I was young, mum used to put chicken nuggets into pita pocket halves and top with cheese lettuce and tomato. I probably wouldn't used chicken nuggets now but would probably make meatballs and serve them hot with wedges or make yummy mini pizzas that my son wouldn't definitely eat cold in his lunchbox the next day. Read more about Win with Danny's Pita Bread

  • Win with McDonald's

    Last post: leelee1994 on 09.07.13 at 20:44 | Started by shadowshaded on 08.07.13

    A Big Tasty burger, wedges and choc pudding sounds like a great night out. Yeah, I know, how boring, surely I could do something more exciting. How about eating it in front of The Almighty Johnsons and imagining that I am a Norse goddess too. Oh god, that sounds so sad. I need a drink! and quite possibly a man! Read more about Win with McDonald's

  • Win a Yerba Mate tea prize pack

    Last post: leelee1994 on 24.06.13 at 18:23 | Started by animal lover on 24.06.13

    I mentioned these teas to a fellow South African colleague and she was like "Can you get these in NZ now?" She has been getting her mum to send her a care pack often. Apparently, they are really good and she recommended trying them. They would definitely make a better addition to the staffroom than sugar-laden baking. Actually, I do not if 'better' is the right word - probably healthier would be better. Read more about Win a Yerba Mate tea prize pack

  • Win a Skinny prize pack

    Last post: leelee1994 on 24.06.13 at 18:18 | Started by Elisha on 24.06.13

    Is there a male, tall, dark, handsome and employed hook-up option available? If not, house cleaning or yard maintenance. Or even a week of taxi services. If I have to choose from the above list then the magazine subscription hook up would be my option.

    Micro sim please. Read more about Win a Skinny prize pack

  • Win a bottle of Vaione Premium Pacific Gin

    Last post: leelee1994 on 24.06.13 at 18:12 | Started by Veronicaheaven on 24.06.13

    Since starting my teaching career a few years ago, I have developed a taste for more adult drinks. No more 'alcopop' for me but instead Brandy and Ginger and Gin and Lemonade (I cannot bring myself to drink tonic!). And what a gorgeous bottle the Gin is in. I could definitely find a use for the bottle whether as a vase or for preserves. Geez, I am starting to sound like a Grandma now. Next thing you know, I'll be crocheting a cosy for the bottle. Read more about Win a bottle of Vaione Premium Pacific Gin

  • Share a COKE with Mum

    Last post: leelee1994 on 06.05.13 at 19:18 | Started by Naomi on 06.05.13

    I very ashamedly admit that I know most of the words to any Elvis song and most Rock n Roll songs as my mum used to play them over and over again even though she should have been interested in the Beatles. However, her tastes nowadays swing towards modern pop and she has been known to listen to the odd metal album. Really annoying because she used to take my Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies tapes off me if I played them too loud. What we have in common nowadays is that we both like musicals and will happily sing along to the Mamma Mia, The Sound of Music and Chicago soundtracks and most others that we can get our hands on. Read more about Share a COKE with Mum

  • Win a Freddo Tea Kit

    Last post: leelee1994 on 21.04.13 at 13:21 | Started by Olivia on 15.04.13

    This set is soooo cute. I would love to say that I would share this with my child and play tea parties but my son is not interested. However, my mum is a big tea drinker being English and all, and I would give the set minus the snack packs (my son will help eat those happily but not enough of a bribe to do a tea party) to my mum for Mother's Day. I add in a few different kinds of tea and turn up on her doorstep and make her a cuppa and voila... Happy Mother's Day. Now if only my son had this brilliant an idea for that special day. I'm going to be lucky if I get usable slippers in my size! Read more about Win a Freddo Tea Kit

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