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  • Beauty Routines

    Last post: kano11 on 08.11.11 at 20:16 | Started by Dazed and Confused on 28.10.11

    I am shocking...I have no beauty routine whatsoever and I'm 33! I feel so guilty but I'm just so lazy and tired at night that I just fall into bed - with my makeup still on - although most of it has come off by then.....bad me I know! Read more about Beauty Routines

  • Tattoos – a most personal statement!

    Last post: kano11 on 08.11.11 at 20:15 | Started by Wice on 15.08.11

    I had my children's names tattooed around my belly button - one name around the top and the other around the bottom - luckily both only have 4 letters in their name - it's my personal way of saying look what you did to my tummy! joking. They look great and my kids really love it - nobody else sees them but us x Read more about Tattoos – a most personal statement!

  • Shaggy or Shaven? Vote and Win a Philips Multigroom Shaver

    Last post: kano11 on 08.11.11 at 20:13 | Started by Letesha on 04.11.11

    I think number 5 is the bestest! they all look awesome though Read more about Shaggy or Shaven? Vote and Win a Philips Multigroom Shaver

  • Too old...? Age appropriate make up- is there any rules I should follow?

    Last post: kano11 on 08.11.11 at 20:11 | Started by Sheena on 17.08.11

    I'm 33 and I've gone through alot of stages with make up - from the dark eyeliner to the bright pinks and purples! now I'm older I honestly think and find that less is more, I think natural shades look so much better and the mineral foundations look much better than liquid foundations caked on! in the weekends I always go natural with just a light brush of foundation and lipgloss with NO eyemake up - it means that when I do go out I look alot different when I use my eyeliner, mascara and smokey eyeshadow! the smokey look rocks! Read more about Too old...? Age appropriate make up- is there any rules I should follow?


    Last post: kano11 on 17.08.11 at 16:03 | Started by kano11 on 17.08.11

    Okay so I'm 33 now...have a wicked frown line that looks awful! that will teach me for scowling through my childhood, apparently a troubled child I was! anyhow can anybody recommend anything for this!!! I personally thought once a wrinkle or frownline is there - it's there forever!!! I just saw a product called Frownies - anyone tried it? or any other suggestions would be so appreciated!!!! I WANT IT GONE! Read more about FROWN LINES

  • Nail care

    Last post: kano11 on 27.07.11 at 10:30 | Started by Roz on 21.07.11

    I had been a nail biter forever! I then started using the Revitanail products - WOW they worked 100% I can honestly 100% recommend this - I then enjoyed fantastic strong nails and got regular manicures - loved my nails! Unfortunately I have gone back to nail biting but still remember the time when I did have lovely nails. This inspires me to start again and use Revital again, a basic ritual of putting on the clear thick nail polish, cutical oil and handcream. Honestly I don't recommend many things - but this definitely works! Read more about Nail care

  • Best deoderant?

    Last post: kano11 on 27.07.11 at 10:27 | Started by KH on 22.07.11

    I make sure I use an antiperspirant (not sure I spelt that right?). Alot of the deoderants out there just mask the smell which makes it worse! I try and use a light fragrance one as well. I find that when I use it every morning after showering that I'm protected all day. I use MUM and find it great value and definitely works for me. Read more about Best deoderant?

  • Merging Families

    Last post: kano11 on 27.07.11 at 10:25 | Started by kano11 on 27.07.11

    My partner and I have merged our 3 children together, 2 being mine and 1 being his child - so far it's going well, and we treat them all fairly and equal! Just wanted to know of anybody elses experiences with this,....and any hiccups along the way and how you dealt with them? Read more about Merging Families

  • Family Co-operation, Starting Early

    Last post: kano11 on 27.07.11 at 10:23 | Started by kano11 on 27.07.11

    We have a merged family, 2 children of my own and a child to my partner - we make sure that they are all treated equally and fairly and that they all play an important role in our family, with 2 years between each of them they are all fairly close in age and ranging from 8 to 13. We talked alot about what to do and how to treat each other's children if and when they were out of line with us...yes it was difficult in the beginning - but by treating them all equally it's really working! Read more about Family Co-operation, Starting Early

  • Healthy Breakfast Foods

    Last post: kano11 on 25.07.11 at 17:50 | Started by coco on 13.07.11

    I have never eaten breakfast but have been advised by my doctor that I need too...so I am experimenting with different types of breakfast foods...this will be my next experiment! Read more about Healthy Breakfast Foods


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