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  • Keep Your Long Hair Healthy and Beautiful

    Last post: Mel80 on 30.01.13 at 10:28 | Started by Wice on 26.06.12

    Thanks for this advise from me and my summer damaged hair. Read more about Keep Your Long Hair Healthy and Beautiful

  • Cadbury Marvellous Creations Giveaway

    Last post: Mel80 on 30.11.12 at 14:10 | Started by WingerGee on 26.11.12

    Merry Christmas everyone -- I hope the season is good to you all. I'd love Chelsey to hook me up with some Marvellous Creations for the marvellously crazy festive season. After all - good will to all men [and women ;) ] ... xoxo Read more about Cadbury Marvellous Creations Giveaway

  • To tan or not to tan? That is the question!

    Last post: Mel80 on 17.10.11 at 12:08 | Started by Wice on 16.10.11

    Having a tan doesn't mean baking yourself in the sun and risking cancer and wrinkles. I prefer the healthy golden glow but am afraid of cancers so I'm thankful for the options available nowdays in mositurisers that give a gradual tan while moisturising ... they're not much more than regular moisturiser. I use DOVE or Johnsons and Johnsons - neither streak and are gradual. Most face ones have SPF too.

    I think in summer a tan looks healthy and sexy. Read more about To tan or not to tan? That is the question!

  • Minimalist style

    Last post: Mel80 on 23.07.11 at 15:48 | Started by Laura_actually on 08.06.11

    My mother always said "Less is more"!!! And it turns out that quite often mothers' actually knows what they're talking about!!! Read more about Minimalist style

  • Passion, energy and mystery all in Hawaii

    Last post: Mel80 on 23.07.11 at 15:42 | Started by Hannah on 13.07.11

    Hawaii is so beautiful - when I win LOTTO you're all invited to join me in a Hawaiian Laua - we'll drink gin and roast a pork on the barbie to keep Pele the Volcanic Goddess happy! Read more about Passion, energy and mystery all in Hawaii

  • Chocolate Tacos

    Last post: Mel80 on 26.05.11 at 11:25 | Started by felix on 17.05.11

    The word chocolate actually comes from Mexico so this is rather a fitting dedicaton - Choccolate Tacos! I would of never rever thought to add chocolate - I have tacos often and my friends 8yo daughter always screws her face up, but I wrote down the ingredients and told her I'm making chocolate tacos on Friday, well when her mother picked her up she said "I'm coming here for dinner on Friday!" Read more about Chocolate Tacos

  • Croatia: a beginner's guide

    Last post: Mel80 on 26.05.11 at 11:01 | Started by Laura_actually on 23.05.11

    It is obvious why Croatia is Europe's hottest destination,. The green hills, the blue ocean, the charming history ... Croatia seems to offer something for everyone./ ... When I win LOTTO and marry a billionaire you're all invited to come stay in my new house aka Varazdin Castle! *dreams are free* Read more about Croatia: a beginner's guide

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