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  • Is 3D Printing Worth It?

    Last post: Pataya on 31.07.18 at 01:09 | Started by SamHas on 30.07.18

    Sure it worth it. Since 2011, when opened to consumers, 3D printing has been a subject of interest all over the world. Greatest changes are expected to happen in manufacturing and technology markets. For instance, I know that Beta Solutions is closely related to this subject. I read here that they help clients realize their ideas in reality. Specialising in the high-tech electronic and electro-mechanical sector, they provide their clients with innovative solutions and technology which help to make a positive impact in the business and life. Read more about Is 3D Printing Worth It?

  • How to keep a room cool?

    Last post: Pataya on 19.07.18 at 02:34 | Started by Pataya on 19.07.18

    So my room has several consoles. A lot of heat coming from them. I've been turning off everything when I'm not using them and I'm investing in blackout curtains Soon. Also have the ceiling fan going counter clockwise at all times. But the room still becomes a little to warm for my liking.

    I was hoping to get ideas for helping to keep the room cool? Read more about How to keep a room cool?

  • Environmentally friendly

    Last post: Pataya on 17.02.18 at 00:50 | Started by KH on 31.07.11

    I try to be eco friendly. I turn my computer and monitor off at the end of the day. Rent a only hybrid car for a road trip. Started a compost pile in your backyard. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins at dinner. Recycle — which is the most important! Sometimes my husband hires a few workers from Mobile Screening & Crushing company for recycling paper, glass and soft garden products. Read more about Environmentally friendly

  • I need a proper job!

    Last post: Pataya on 16.02.18 at 01:35 | Started by Laura_actually on 01.09.11

    Currently I'm looking for a job in IT. I've found one reliable recruitment company which helps to find a work in both permanent and contract positions throughout. Read more about I need a proper job!

  • Describe your Dream house!

    Last post: Pataya on 24.01.18 at 05:03 | Started by Aria on 23.01.18

    Well lets see. I'm thinking 3 stories, 7 bedrooms, a indoor pool w/ a waterfall and jacuzzi in the basement. A theater room with a popcorn maker. A game room with big screen TV's to play any game system you want. Of course a big kitchen and living room. I want a Study room, with lots of books and computers. Master would be huge with a big walk in closet, a big master bath, with a huge tub and a really big walk in shower that's tiled and has 10 different water spouts. A gym is a must. Also a couple of Racquetball courts and definitely a bowling alley :P Outside would have a tennis court, basketball court and a few roller coasters :) And then I would have a huge garden just for Mary, it would be a meditation garden with a water fountain. Read more about Describe your Dream house!

  • Cleaning hacks for lazy people

    Last post: Pataya on 22.01.18 at 22:16 | Started by SamHas on 20.12.17

    Spray a no-wipe cleaner on your shower walls every time you bathe. Read more about Cleaning hacks for lazy people

  • Women in Technology

    Last post: Pataya on 19.01.18 at 21:44 | Started by Dee-Dee on 14.11.11

    It's a very good subject to discuss. I think we need more women in tech now, it will encourage more girls to pursue their own interest in tech. Having more women in tech now it will mean more female tech leaders and more girls thinking, "hey, this is for me." More people will be able to do what they want, and that's a good thing.
    Now I'm looking for a job in Auckland. I started to cooperate with recruiting company. Before I was working in Australia as Software Engineer for 3 years. Software testing is my passion. Read more about Women in Technology

  • Money saving tips

    Last post: Pataya on 18.01.18 at 23:52 | Started by KH on 24.07.11

    I always make a budget and record my spendings. Also I set goals. Last summer I saved money for a trip to Brazil. But still it was not enough so I took a loan here . Good service with clear rules and interest rates. Thanks to it I had an unforgettable summer vacation. Read more about Money saving tips

  • Job satisfaction or high pay?

    Last post: Pataya on 16.01.18 at 21:45 | Started by Pataya on 15.01.18

    thats a tricky question :) Read more about Job satisfaction or high pay?

  • Which is the best Ac...?

    Last post: Pataya on 26.12.17 at 01:26 | Started by Pataya on 26.12.17

    Hello Friends,

    Please tell me, Which is the best one..? Window AC or Split AC...? Read more about Which is the best Ac...?

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