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  • A Tattoo - Yes, or No?

    Last post: alexgrin on 18.04.18 at 05:34 | Started by Mellow on 25.08.14

    yes, want to make tattoo this summer Read more about A Tattoo - Yes, or No?

  • What's your dream car?

    Last post: alexgrin on 12.04.18 at 06:56 | Started by alexgrin on 12.04.18

    My dream car is he infamous, phenomenal, 1987 Buick GNX. A McLaren tuned Buick making 300hp and 400 ft/lbs of torque. Quite possibly, the sexiest, most sinister, most incredible looking vehicle, ever. One of the fastest accelerating cars in the world in it's day, it's still very fast by todays standards. 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, 1/4 mile in 13.5.

    This car is the only car ever made that ticks every single box. Everything I love about cars, this car has. It's gorgeous. It's American. It's fast. It's quirky, rare, exclusive, 80's, I could go on and on about why I love this car but I'll stop here.

    Currently I drive 2004 Hyundai Elantra GT with 80,000 miles on it. Actually a great little car. Fanstastic suspension, perky, smooth, and extremely refined engine, nicely weighted steering with good feedback, great interior with leather, moonroof, and blue guages. Feels very fast, but obviously isn't. 30mph feels like 60, 60 like 80, you get the idea. Read more about What's your dream car?

  • What Kind of Car Do You Drive, and Why?

    Last post: alexgrin on 22.02.18 at 06:43 | Started by alexgrin on 22.02.18

    My car is a 2.5 l4 Nissan Altima, roughly 10-years old.

    It's pretty basic, and gets an estimated 27 miles per gallon. Bought it after college from a family friend for about 5K. It gets me up and down the highway and around the suburbs without too many problems. Lately however, I'm planning for the future and have been looking for something a lot less energy-intensive. What would you suggest? Read more about What Kind of Car Do You Drive, and Why?

  • New house heating cost

    Last post: alexgrin on 09.02.18 at 02:39 | Started by alexgrin on 09.02.18

    In the process of building a new house. House is 1600 sq ft with full finished basement under it. Any of you guys with that size or close of a house give me a ballpark of what it cost you? Also if you have geo vs gas furnace. We aren't sure whether to go with geo or gas furnace. Thanks. Read more about New house heating cost

  • Finding the one - dating

    Last post: alexgrin on 01.02.18 at 00:36 | Started by Mellow on 28.01.17

    I like Citizen Park Kingsland, Macs Brew Bar Takapuna/Newmarket, Soul on the Viaduct, Depot at Sky City. Just a few I can think of off the top of my head. Read more about Finding the one - dating

  • The Best Way To Drink Baileys!

    Last post: alexgrin on 01.02.18 at 00:34 | Started by dognay on 16.02.12

    I like to add baileys to coffee. Tastes delicious! Read more about The Best Way To Drink Baileys!

  • How to keep the love alive......

    Last post: alexgrin on 26.01.18 at 04:57 | Started by nikki on 12.08.14

    This is the downfall of many relationships: expecting the love between you two to stay in the same form at the same level forever.

    Everyone is told the minute that "spark" is gone the relationship is doomed so they just quit. It's a false, idealized view of love. Read more about How to keep the love alive......

  • How to lose my overweight? Please help!

    Last post: alexgrin on 24.05.17 at 19:16 | Started by Antonia on 08.05.13

    I go to the gym 3 times per week and I see the first results! My trainer also advised me to take Isagenix 30 day pak here additionally. It gives my body vitamins and nutrients and helps me to get fit. I want to take part in the local fitness contest in he future and I think I have all chances to win this time. Read more about How to lose my overweight? Please help!

  • Gym Classes

    Last post: alexgrin on 24.05.17 at 19:11 | Started by RC on 20.08.13

    sounds great! thanks for sharing Read more about Gym Classes

  • Do you Need Quality Time With Your Lover?

    Last post: alexgrin on 24.05.17 at 19:10 | Started by Wice on 15.08.13

    great article! was useful to read, thanks! Read more about Do you Need Quality Time With Your Lover?

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