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    Last post: Kel on 16.12.13 at 13:34 | Started by New Member on 16.12.13

    Always remember to take your breaks during the day - even if it's insanely busy, you are entitled to your breaks and lunch, so take them! When I worked a stressful job I would try my best to get out of the office during my lunch and sit somewhere quietly to let my mind relax for the half hour before going back, it can really help you to switch off a bit and de-stress.

    If you do come across rude customers, try not to take it personally - people can be super mean when they're stressed, just remember it's not about you, they're just having a bad day.

    If you do find yourself getting completely overwhelmed, it may be an idea to take time off - your health is more important than your job. Read more about DEPRESSION OVER XMAS

  • Win 1 of 5 Cadbury Favourites Mini Blocks Prize Packs

    Last post: Kel on 16.12.13 at 13:28 | Started by Jude21 on 16.12.13

    Chocolate and wine - my two favourite things ;-) Read more about Win 1 of 5 Cadbury Favourites Mini Blocks Prize Packs

  • Nudity on TV.

    Last post: Kel on 16.12.13 at 13:26 | Started by Marcia on 08.10.13

    I'm finding it interesting how many comments there are about how disgusting Embarrassing Bodies is - I find this show fascinating and can only imagine how helpful it must be for those watching who have similar ailments.. imagine being so embarrassed by something that you couldn't even face going to the doctor about it. Seeing somebody else go through the same thing and being treated by a doctor without being judged could be very motivating for somebody to go and seek medical advice for something serious.

    As for violence vs nudity, how can we even compare? Nudity (I am not referring to sex) is the most natural thing in the entire world - that is who we all are underneath the clothing that society deems appropriate. And helping to detect breast cancer?! How could that ever be indecent?!

    Violence - it's everywhere and it's horrible! Would much prefer to see nudity haha. Read more about Nudity on TV.

  • Win a Pair Of Bill Bass Sunglasses

    Last post: Kel on 16.12.13 at 13:09 | Started by Jude21 on 16.12.13

    These glasses are to die for, love the tortoise shell they've got going on Read more about Win a Pair Of Bill Bass Sunglasses


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