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  • Winning an election is not enough

    Last post: Pookie on 10.10.11 at 16:40 | Started by Emma on 05.10.11

    I couldn't agree with you more Starlite! The opposition is encouraged to rip down those who our nation has selected to lead us, what kind of results can we seriously expect with that in place?

    Read more about Winning an election is not enough

  • Books

    Last post: Pookie on 10.10.11 at 12:08 | Started by Rosie on 01.10.11

    I'd definitely recommend, absolute stunner of a book his other big one is 'the power of now'.

    Love to hear your thoughts if you do read it, it's a game changer! :) Read more about Books

  • Innovative designs and products

    Last post: Pookie on 07.10.11 at 10:45 | Started by KH on 11.08.11

    Go NZ!!! Read more about Innovative designs and products

  • Chelsey's Cocktail Fiday: Cosmopolitan

    Last post: Pookie on 07.10.11 at 09:31 | Started by Pookie on 07.10.11

    Lol, the look on his face for the lighter! Well done team looking forward to the rest of the series Read more about Chelsey's Cocktail Fiday: Cosmopolitan

  • The Name Game!

    Last post: Pookie on 21.07.11 at 13:13 | Started by Pookie on 21.07.11

    Elaine Read more about The Name Game!

  • Do SHAPE UP Shoes Work?

    Last post: Pookie on 18.07.11 at 13:10 | Started by coco on 17.07.11

    The American Council on Exercise has found there’s no difference in how your muscles actually work in regular shoes versus toning shoes. ACE’s study specifically concluded:

    To test the toning shoes’ effectiveness and evaluate their claims, a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, led by John Porcari, Ph.D., John Greany, Ph.D., Stephanie Tepper, M.S., Brian Edmonson, B.S. and Carl Foster, Ph.D., designed a pair of studies to evaluate the exercise responses and muscle activation that take place while walking with toning shoes versus traditional athletic shoes. Researchers enlisted 12 physically active female volunteers, ages 19 to 24 years, for the exercise response study, during which they completed a dozen five-minute exercise trials of walking on a treadmill while wearing each type of shoe, including the toning sneakers Skechers Shape-Ups, MBT and Reebok’s EasyTone, and traditional New Balance running shoes. To evaluate muscle activation, researchers recruited a second group of 12 physically active female volunteers, ages 21 to 27 years, who performed similar five-minute treadmill trials and were measured for muscle activity in six muscle areas: calves, quads, hamstrings, buttocks, back and abs.

    All three toning shoes tested showed no statistically significant increases in either exercise response or muscle activation during the treadmill trials, when compared to the normal athletic shoes tested. There was simply no evidence to indicate that the toning shoes offer any enhanced fitness benefits over traditional sneakers, despite studies cited by manufacturers seemingly “proving” the toning shoes’ effectiveness. Bryant warns consumers to be wary of such studies sponsored by manufacturers, many of which are not peer-reviewed and may be of questionable design. ACE’s study also addresses anecdotal evidence consumers have shared indicating that they feel the shoes are working their muscles due to localized muscle soreness. Study researchers explain that this feeling is due to the shoe’s unstable sole design, which cause wearers to use slightly different muscles to maintain balance than they would while wearing normal shoes, resulting in temporary soreness that will subside as the body adjusts to the shoe. Read more about Do SHAPE UP Shoes Work?

  • Hours of sleep a night

    Last post: Pookie on 15.07.11 at 13:13 | Started by KH on 14.07.11

    I can work through the week on 6, 6 1/2 hours and then make up for it on the weekends with a solid 10 hours each night... good pattern and the weekends are so bliss :P Read more about Hours of sleep a night

  • Keeping Diaries?!

    Last post: Pookie on 08.07.11 at 14:52 | Started by Hannah on 08.07.11

    That's such a cool idea!! Starting that one today :D Read more about Keeping Diaries?!

  • Recipies on a budget

    Last post: Pookie on 08.07.11 at 14:48 | Started by jea525 on 08.07.11

    That will last for two to three lunches too! Read more about Recipies on a budget

  • Who Exercises!

    Last post: Pookie on 08.07.11 at 11:43 | Started by kano11 on 07.07.11

    Sounds like you're in a bit of a downward spiral Tracie... there's got to be someway you could get some activity in... The spin-off benefit is weight loss but the main value is the effect it will have on your mind

    You can imagine what it would be like if you reversed the spiral and started working back - better health, better self confidence, loss of weight day by day, it worked for me and I'll be forever grateful for that first step. Read more about Who Exercises!


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