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  • Lush Angels on Bare Skin Facial Cleanser Review

    Last post: H2ORisso on 12.04.13 at 08:36 | Started by Sam on 25.03.13

    I love this cleanser! I've always been curious to try the Dark Angels scrub... will you guys be doing a review on that? Read more about Lush Angels on Bare Skin Facial Cleanser Review

  • Lush: Decisive Liquid Lipstick Review

    Last post: H2ORisso on 02.04.13 at 10:31 | Started by mo on 27.03.13

    I love these lipsticks! Amazing products Read more about Lush: Decisive Liquid Lipstick Review

  • Win a Lush pamper pack

    Last post: H2ORisso on 02.04.13 at 10:29 | Started by l'stat on 01.04.13

    LOVE LUSH! Best products ever!! Read more about Win a Lush pamper pack

  • The Nutritional Benefits of Coconut Oil

    Last post: H2ORisso on 27.03.13 at 12:42 | Started by Starlite5 on 08.11.11

    Can I please see the links to the studies claiming all this? Read more about The Nutritional Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Win with Curtis and Clarke

    Last post: H2ORisso on 25.03.13 at 12:05 | Started by Sam on 25.03.13

    I live with two boys and am ALWAYS battling to keep the house smelling amazing.. I need this on my side to help win the war!! Read more about Win with Curtis and Clarke

  • Win a Maybelline New York Prize Pack

    Last post: H2ORisso on 03.12.12 at 12:36 | Started by H2ORisso on 03.12.12

    Moi please! Always need a good bronzer and mascara... and the lipstick? Yes yes! Read more about Win a Maybelline New York Prize Pack

  • Why Cooked Vegetables Are Not As Nutritious

    Last post: H2ORisso on 28.11.12 at 09:07 | Started by Dee-Dee on 07.12.11

    Snap Frozen veges have actually been proven to be just as good as fresh, actually! Read more about Why Cooked Vegetables Are Not As Nutritious

  • Three's a crowd... or is it?

    Last post: H2ORisso on 08.11.12 at 16:20 | Started by Wice on 04.08.12

    Like I mentioned on the off set - I believe that all relationships play by their own rules. There is no one correct way to frame up what is right or wrong and I believe it's up to the individuals in the relationship to decide what those rules are. Having said that, I don't think you're wrong but I also don't think you're right. My main problem with what you've said is that it has an air of judgment that suggests there is only one right way to have a relationship. Perhaps this is the right way for you, but I can't agree it's right for everyone.

    Furthermore, you've completely avoided the possibility of a same sex threesome/relationship. I go by the general rule that if you can decide who to have a relationship with, then you should be able to decide how that relationship goes. To me a "good" pairing is between people with similar values, views on life etc. If they live their life to be good, then what their sexual preference or choice of "fun" is is no one's business. If it works for them, then it works. It doesn't make it wrong.

    I believe that people should respect sex. I personally don't know anyone that doesn't - so these things that they do aren't boasted about. These are matters that are discussed between close friends because we're able to have frank and open conversations with each other. As I said, all who I know engage in this have very loving relationships, the decisions are made together and as far as I am aware, no one is away feeling bad about it. I don't think it's fair to go into extensive detail! And yes, some of these people are engaged/have children. Some of these people are also same sex.

    With regards to talking to people "proudly" about what they're doing - I don't think it's anybody's business what the details of your intimate relationship are! If you want to talk about it, you can. But the beauty of it is that you get to chose. And based on the judgmental implications that question was phrased on, it almost sounds like you've demonised the situation because you disagree with it. Which is fine - but you can't expect someone to be "proud" of something you have demonised because that in your eyes, would put them in the wrong before they've even said anything!

    As I mentioned - not for everyone but every relationship is different and that is the thing that needs to be understood and respected. Just like some women chose to be with women and some men chose to be with men, some couples chose to include other people in their bedroom. As long as it's consensual then why is it wrong?

    I cannot make my point strongly enough - loving relationships come in all forms, shapes and situations. There is no one right way and for some people, this kind of stuff works. Read more about Three's a crowd... or is it?

  • D.vice Advice Review

    Last post: H2ORisso on 31.10.12 at 13:33 | Started by New Member on 31.10.12

    hahaha! Apparently it's the combination of endorphins and a bunch of other things (that you'll need to read the book to find out about!) that gets it all going on. Tell you what - I'll definitely be amping up my routine to test this theory...
    Read more about D.vice Advice Review

  • Interview: Nigel Stanislaus

    Last post: H2ORisso on 01.10.12 at 16:22 | Started by New Member on 01.10.12

    He was so much fun! If we weren't under a time restraint, I would have spent all day talking shop with him. He is FABULOUS! And very honest! So ladies - get your lipstick and a touch of bronzer! Read more about Interview: Nigel Stanislaus


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