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  • Cancer - dealing with the devil

    Last post: ibnita on 03.09.15 at 20:53 | Started by Mellow on 16.05.15

    I had a mole on my ankle which had stayed the same size and shape since i was a child but started to change last year. Had the mole and a sizeable piece around it removed. Was a few days of worry waiting for the results of the biopsy but thankfully it was non cancerous. Reminded me that it can strike anyone anytime. Read more about Cancer - dealing with the devil

  • Chia Seeds

    Last post: ibnita on 03.09.15 at 20:50 | Started by vickym on 23.03.15

    i use chia seeds in place of oats to make a porridge like breakfast. Tastes delish. Read more about Chia Seeds

  • Win a Navman MY650 or MY600 GPS

    Last post: ibnita on 03.09.15 at 20:49 | Started by Jude21 on 31.08.15

    My Dad, bless him, is directionally challenged. He could lose himself between here and the next lamppost. I often worry about him when he heads off to places he has never travelled to before, even if it's just in the same suburb, so this would be peace of mind for me that he will find where he needs to be. Read more about Win a Navman MY650 or MY600 GPS

  • Dwali - Festival of Lights

    Last post: ibnita on 18.10.14 at 20:51 | Started by Wice on 13.10.14

    Went to my first Diwali festival last week and wondered why i hadn't been before. Great food, great atmosphere, really enjoyed it. Read more about Dwali - Festival of Lights

  • Movies - taking it to the limit!

    Last post: ibnita on 18.10.14 at 20:49 | Started by Wice on 03.06.14

    I try and stick to 2D, i find looking through the 3D glasses for over an hour makes me dizzy, and i don't think most special effects are good enough yet to justify the extra cost. I can see though that there will come a time where 3D will be the norm. Read more about Movies - taking it to the limit!

  • Eating out in Auckland

    Last post: ibnita on 18.10.14 at 20:47 | Started by vickym on 13.10.14

    If you don't mind travelling to Mt Eden Circus Circus is very family friendly and has great food. Monsoon Poon on Customs Street is also really good. We have eaten there with the children and been very happy. Read more about Eating out in Auckland

  • who's the umbrella thief!?

    Last post: ibnita on 18.10.14 at 20:41 | Started by Rangatahi on 15.10.14

    I have a habit of leaving my umbrella outside shops as i browse inside and then walking off without them... people must wonder where all these umbrellas are coming from, lol. Read more about who's the umbrella thief!?

  • Win A Blunt Umbrella

    Last post: ibnita on 18.10.14 at 20:39 | Started by Delilah on 13.10.14

    I spend a small fortune each winter going through umbrelllas that aren't up to the task. After a rather 'interesting' afternoon where my husband's umbrella turned inside out and then proceeded to rip apart with pieces of it flying onto the rugby field at the game we were watching, i have decided that a decent umbrella is worth paying for.
    Read more about Win A Blunt Umbrella

  • Win 1 of 2 Silk Epil 7’s courtesy of Farmers & Braun

    Last post: ibnita on 12.10.14 at 18:31 | Started by Foreverme on 22.09.14

    Loving the range of attachments - would not need to buy any other hair removal products! You would soon recoup the costs of purchasing if you take into account how much is spent on disposable shavers or depilatory cremes, so economical too! Love it, would love to be hair free and smooth and silky this summer :) Read more about Win 1 of 2 Silk Epil 7’s courtesy of Farmers & Braun

  • 50 shades to whip up a frenzy in 2015

    Last post: ibnita on 16.08.14 at 19:03 | Started by Claire1971 on 03.08.14

    Have had no inclination to read the books but have seen the trailer and not something i would want to sit through. If i wanted titilation i would rent a porn movie and watch in private. Could see myself squirming with embarrasment in a theatre. Read more about 50 shades to whip up a frenzy in 2015


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