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I'm Jacinta and I have the most amazing family in the world!

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  • Nail care

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 09:09 | Started by Roz on 21.07.11

    Calcium! I know it's silly, but making sure you're calcium intake is the right level does help. I used to hate drinking milk and eating veges and all that jazz so I had really weak nails and terribly sore (soft? if you can call them soft) teeth. Then I decided that I'd start drinking milk and eating celery and peanut butter after going to a beautician who recommended it. She had a look at my nails and was absolutely appalled! Read more about Nail care

  • Over $10,000 of LG Electronics to Giveaway

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 09:01 | Started by coco on 21.07.11

    I can't believe that! That is so rude! And you're not a spammer! Although we all had a few short comments on the forums in there, they were still genuine! Unbelievable that people have the nerve to talk about you like that when they don't even know you! And congrats on the prize pack! Must be stoked!
    I got the tray of 24 RedBulls and I'm MORE than happy with that! I've never been so excited in my life! (Except when I went in to labor! :p)

    And the leader board was taken away as that is no longer how the competition is being judged so a leader board would be useless!
    How are we to know what Chelsey are looking for in regards to who they're gunna pick the winners? We don't, and it's better kept that way as to not go so hard out on all the 'spamming' if you wanna be so rude to call it that.
    KH and I have had a few decent convos over random stuff on the site so a big thank you to Chelsey for having the site up for that! Read more about Over $10,000 of LG Electronics to Giveaway

  • Technology

    Last post: Cinty on 25.07.11 at 16:25 | Started by Rocketman on 21.07.11

    Are you actually serious that China doesn't have Facebook or Google? Read more about Technology

  • Favourite books

    Last post: Cinty on 25.07.11 at 16:19 | Started by KH on 22.07.11

    Books I have read though are things like... The Twits, Boy, Going Solo... Roald Dahl is great. He doesn't use too bigger words for me to understand :p and no, it's not that I'm illiterate, it's that I'm lazy. Read more about Favourite books

  • Online Gaming

    Last post: Cinty on 25.07.11 at 16:17 | Started by Rocketman on 21.07.11

    I don't gamble with real money. I just play for fake online chips which is the safer way to go. I have an uncle who is addicted to gambling and watching him go on a huge downward spiral has taught me not to gamble for real. I get excited when I win online! But I wouldn't play for real money. If I've got the money to spend on real poker.gambling games I'm obviously not spending it where it needs to go - i.e. debts. So I don't budget for it. If I've got any money left over I'd rather buy something for my son or get a bottle of wine or go out and have a game of 10 pin bowling, not slowly tap it away on a machine or game.
    But then again, my husband went to the RSA and put $5 in a slot machine after I told him not to and he walked away with an extra $120. I don't quite know how he did. whether or not it was the machines trying to pull me in, we will never know - but it didn't work. Read more about Online Gaming

  • What about Amy Winehouse..

    Last post: Cinty on 25.07.11 at 16:13 | Started by coco on 24.07.11

    She's not the first and I'm preeeety sure she won't be the last to die at 27 due to some sort of overdose... Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain - and these are only the well known musicians. Have a look at for many other names. It really is a terrible thing :( And what a waste of talent! Read more about What about Amy Winehouse..

  • Reality Tv shows.

    Last post: Cinty on 25.07.11 at 16:05 | Started by Rocketman on 21.07.11

    I love watching Survivor for the challenges, and challenges only. I can't stand to watch all the people bicker about silly things. And it's rather extreme to throw people in a jungle with no food and watch them starve. Although, everyone loses a bit (if not a lot) of weight so where do we sign up :p Read more about Reality Tv shows.

  • Celebrate with Daniel Le Brun

    Last post: Cinty on 25.07.11 at 09:15 | Started by EmJay on 07.06.11

    Oh wow that's a lot to celebrate! Congrats on everything! Read more about Celebrate with Daniel Le Brun


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