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I'm Jacinta and I have the most amazing family in the world!

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  • Unsolved mysteries

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 20:08 | Started by KH on 27.07.11

    Yeah could be that lol. Either that or like... a whole colony of ants get up under it and walk it but that doesn't explain the lines.... Hmmmm. Read more about Unsolved mysteries

  • Men

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 14:53 | Started by Cinty on 27.07.11

    It's funny though, now that I see how hard it really is to be a mum and run a household, I look back and think of how much of a lazy b**** I was and really wish I'd helped mum out a bit more!

    It would just be so great for my husband to come home, go and cook dinner and say 'thanks for keeping the house clean babe' or 'thanks for cleaning up the mess I made' He doesn't even know how to put his laundry in the hamper!

    I'm constantly chasing my tail and it doesn't give me the time to get out and do the things I want/need to do. Read more about Men

  • Empty jar

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 13:17 | Started by sheree on 27.07.11

    Well that was one helluva turn around! Here was me thinking that this joke is REALLY dodgy and then BAM. Just like that! Read more about Empty jar

  • Make Your Wedding Sparkle With Wedding Sparklers

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 13:16 | Started by flowery3 on 25.07.11

    Bubbles as in detergent bubbles :p Instead of confetti. Read more about Make Your Wedding Sparkle With Wedding Sparklers

  • Best tanning solution for summer/semi formals?

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 13:09 | Started by New Member on 26.07.11

    Spray tans definitely are worth a look in to. I used the Johnson Holiday Skin I think it's called and that worked really well. You just have to be careful not to over apply it or you do end up being rather orange. It generally takes a couple of days for it to start doing anything so follow the directions to a t and don't over apply! Read more about Best tanning solution for summer/semi formals?

  • [On] Idea Creation

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 13:02 | Started by Wice on 27.07.11

    It's people like you who these forums need more of! People to actually stop and think about what we're reading and find ways to better it!
    Very nicely put. Read more about [On] Idea Creation

  • jelousy!

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 11:41 | Started by Anna on 27.07.11

    She will just have to wait and see. I was the same and there's not really anything that can be done. If she doesn't have a reason not to trust him, then she just needs to be a bit less self-conscious. That is the only reason I think that she would be feeling insecure, that's really all jealousy is. In my opinion anyway.
    Tell her to put her makeup on and dress up nicely and she will feel so great that she will forget about all the other girls!! Read more about jelousy!

  • What did you dream last night?

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 11:13 | Started by KH on 25.07.11

    I don't remember a lot of my dreams. The ones I do remember are always really horrific and graphic.
    Once I dreamed that I was sinking - it was drowning, it was really placid but it wasn't even like I was the one sinking. I was watching myself sink which was really odd.
    I woke up really short of breath and I was in a pool of sweat.
    It was scarier than those dreams you have that you're falling, and you wake up just before you hit the bottom. Read more about What did you dream last night?

  • For the mother's out there

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 11:04 | Started by Cinty on 27.07.11

    Hi guys.
    I just thought I'd start a thread up here where all the mothers can have a chat about anything. Problems that are worrying you, child birth stories, a place you can brag about your child's milestones and all that sort of stuff :)
    So I'll start off...
    I have an eight month old son who was 10 days overdue.
    Uhmmm... He's been a bit of an early starter with everything and is walking.
    He's just had abnormal blood results come back so needs to get more done.

    Who's next? Read more about For the mother's out there

  • Best deoderant?

    Last post: Cinty on 27.07.11 at 10:52 | Started by KH on 22.07.11

    Mum works really well for me too.
    Nothing worse than a battle of smell. The deodorant NEVER wins! And it's really terrible! Try a shower once in a while :p Read more about Best deoderant?


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