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I'm Jacinta and I have the most amazing family in the world!

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  • R18 Valentines Day Giveaway

    Last post: Cinty on 24.01.12 at 13:34 | Started by Anna on 23.01.12

    OHMIGOSH! I would SOOOOOOOOOOO love to try one of the prostate massagers... Highly unlikely though as hubby is HIGHLY against this :(

    I like the sound of the ejaculating sex machine too!
    Thigh strap on... That's rather... Interesting??? Each to their own I suppose.
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  • Did you marry the wrong partner?

    Last post: Cinty on 20.01.12 at 12:23 | Started by Poly on 27.11.11

    Wow. Intense guys.
    I just saw this pop up on the side and for some reason it caught my eye... Could it be that I've married the wrong partner?
    I don't believe that there is such thing as marrying the 'wrong' person. As much as I'm struggling with my husband at the moment (typical husband he is, goes to work, assumes that cause he is working I am automatically a house slave) but he refuses to give up. Sometimes I wonder 'what if I were to leave and be with some one else', but the effort hubby is putting in to this relationship to make it work really is unbelievable.
    He wants to make this work more than I do... But that's not very hard considering I want out. But not because he's 'the wrong person' but because I know he could be happier without me.
    Sometimes I just wish I hadn't married so young... I haven't experienced a lot of things but with a 14 month old son I guess that's pretty much guaranteed. Read more about Did you marry the wrong partner?

  • Expressions of life! What is art?

    Last post: Cinty on 11.01.12 at 21:37 | Started by Wice on 27.10.11

    Wow. That is truly amazing!
    I didn't see the face in there at first...
    I'm still not too sure if I would call this art though.
    I think it's more ... I don't even know how to explain it! Read more about Expressions of life! What is art?

  • After watching the news last night...

    Last post: Cinty on 22.12.11 at 10:39 | Started by Cinty on 19.12.11

    It is a little clever I suppose but whoever thought of it must be greedy themselves - imagine all the people that think all I have to do is pay X amount and I'm in the draw, I'm bound to win something decent'

    I'm guessing you would have to tick a box to confirm that you've read the T&Cs etc. But even then, if you give your details to someone - i.e. an email address - I know for a fact that people then sell them on to marketing agencies. Take women's clothing stores for example... If you sign up to their mailer via email, they then use these details to sell to email spammers/hackers.
    A little crude and inappropriate if you ask me.

    Pretty sure it would be a once off entry for competitions - you'd maybe get to choose what your 'interests/hobbies' are i.e. Make up, health, sporting, electronics etc and then they'd enter you in the corresponding competitions?

    Definitely not for me either Read more about After watching the news last night...

  • Optical Illusions in the real world!

    Last post: Cinty on 22.12.11 at 10:28 | Started by Wice on 30.10.11

    Has anyone lood at the mind f****? There are some really good ones.
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  • Christmas trees - Real or fake?

    Last post: Cinty on 20.12.11 at 11:57 | Started by Wice on 15.12.11

    This reminds me of snowy pines - I would LOVE a white Christmas Tree!

    I wouldn't be too ecstatic about a branch with snowflakes on it, but then again, if the kids were to make it and love it, I would most likely adore it too.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (:
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  • Michael Buble - Christmas

    Last post: Cinty on 20.12.11 at 11:54 | Started by Cinty on 19.12.11

    Really really. I don't know what it is about him that i like but I just can't get enough! And for someone that is so young (myself) it's a little odd that I'm in to his music! He's the only 'jazz/big band' artist that I enjoy listening to.

    I was really looking forward to the Christmas show on tele the other night but I missed it as I was at a family dinner ):

    What is it about him that you don't like?
    Is it his voice or is it the kind of music that you don't like?
    Not trying to convert you or anything, just want to see - he's the kind of artist that you either love or hate Read more about Michael Buble - Christmas

  • Exercise Makes You A Better Lover

    Last post: Cinty on 19.12.11 at 19:04 | Started by Wice on 19.12.11

    I both agree and disagree with the article.
    Yes, the fitter you are, the longer you last and the more likely you are to be able to 'hold' a position or try new things.
    My husband and I aren't exactly fit or healthy but we manage to make it work so it is pleasurable for the two of us.
    Yeah, I would love to be able to bend over backwards and have my legs up over my head or have sex for 2 hours straight but it's not exactly something everyone wants to do - and majority of the 2 hour marathons should be left to the 'pros' that get paid for what they do. Ha.

    But anyway, last night I watched a documentary on Sky, Curiosity, Why we (or women, can't quite remember) Love Sex (or to have sex)
    It was all to do with the female orgasm and the importance it plays in reproduction. It was quite possibly the most interesting hour of television I have ever watched.
    I would explain it to all but I don't really want to be all explicit like and I could even get it wrong...
    But those of you who have Sky and did not watch it, I recommend that you do, as I think it was fantastic! Read more about Exercise Makes You A Better Lover

  • Making marriage work

    Last post: Cinty on 19.12.11 at 18:54 | Started by Wice on 30.11.11

    The little things that seem inadequate are the ones that truly matter - I got married in March this year and am finding it a struggle to be a 'good wife'. Being a mum as well as a wife can be hard work and it's so easy to forget the little things. (Never mind the fact I have a terrible memory! Ha) But I am trying, and just the effort itself is enough to help Read more about Making marriage work

  • Feedbag Sex Position

    Last post: Cinty on 19.12.11 at 18:46 | Started by Cinty on 19.12.11

    That looks rather awkward... Read more about Feedbag Sex Position

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