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  • Avoiding a Wine Hangover

    Last post: lauraleep on 20.05.13 at 11:48 | Started by Bernadette on 05.07.11

    Rewind to student days and I could drink cask wine/ cheap wine/ cooking wine/ any wine and I'd be fine.

    10 years on and I have an appreciation for wine, although these days I tend to go for something a little nicer than the cooking wine that used to suffice and now I also seem to feel a few wines a bit more the next day if i'm not careful. In saying this I also know how to look after myself so I don't feel it so much and can still enjoy a glass or 4.

    First and foremost for me is eating a decent meal prior to hitting a bottle of pinot. It's nice to match it to your meal and that way you want to stay classy.

    Second, start with a water.

    Third, don't go for the 'large glasses'.

    Fourth, alternate water and wine if you start to feel it making you tipsy.

    Fifth, water before bed....a large glass or two.

    And Sixth, a rehydration sachet in the morning from the pharmacy to replace nutrients and vitamins and sodium.

    You'll be top notch for the day ahead.

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  • Win an OmniBlender

    Last post: lauraleep on 20.05.13 at 11:40 | Started by OneEyed on 20.05.13

    This looks wonderful! The things I could whip up with this, healthy soups/ smoothies/ sauces/ pasta/ pizza bases/ dips/ cocktails...I could go old as seen on tv, magic bullet has nothing on this and is well overdue to be replaced.

    I love making treats for myself and my flatmate/ visitors.

    My flatmate also often whips up a smoothie for us in the mornign before work....and of course we could make some yummy smoothies with this as well. Read more about Win an OmniBlender

  • Home Alone - private pleasures

    Last post: lauraleep on 08.04.13 at 11:33 | Started by Wice on 19.02.13

    I love it when I get my house to myself….and when I do I make the most of it.

    I like to open all the sliding doors of my apartments, let some fresh air through, put some music on, have a quick tidy then light some incense and a couple of candles and begin to prepare a meal that takes a little while in the oven and fills the place with more aromas. While my dinner cooks I’d have a bath (a pleasure I only ever indulge in when I’m home alone). The comfy pjs come out the fairy lights around the place get turned on, and I can eat some hearty home cooked meal with a nice cold drink to go with it, after cleaning up after myself I’m free to read, watch something on the tv or bake something delicious to share later.
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  • Win a Midori and Pineapple cask

    Last post: lauraleep on 08.04.13 at 11:22 | Started by New Member on 08.04.13

    These look amazing…..if I win or not, I’ll be going out to hunt one of these little boxes of awesome down! Read more about Win a Midori and Pineapple cask

  • Win a Lush pamper pack

    Last post: lauraleep on 02.04.13 at 11:38 | Started by l'stat on 01.04.13

    Entered, what a lovely prize pack, would be a nice birthday treat Read more about Win a Lush pamper pack

  • Nivea Pure & Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes

    Last post: lauraleep on 02.04.13 at 11:37 | Started by Matunga on 13.12.12

    Great to keep in your bag, for everyday use, or if you are staying the night somewhere or even when going camping etc…. Read more about Nivea Pure & Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes

  • Win with Curtis and Clarke

    Last post: lauraleep on 25.03.13 at 12:31 | Started by Sam on 25.03.13

    Looks beautiful, what a treat this would be. Read more about Win with Curtis and Clarke

  • Simple Cleansing Lotion

    Last post: lauraleep on 25.03.13 at 12:30 | Started by Sharnebaybee on 28.11.12

    This is my preferred moisturiser, after trying all sorts over the years, I finally started using this and it works a treat. It’s hydrating, not to heavy and wears well under make up and at night, my skin feels the best it has in a long time and it’s a good price usually around $10, I also use the triple action face wash which is also wonderful and refreshing on my face as well as a good cleanser. Read more about Simple Cleansing Lotion

  • Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer Review

    Last post: lauraleep on 27.11.12 at 09:16 | Started by Hannah on 29.10.12

    I love this! I recently discovered it in a pharmacy and bought it, it’s around $20 and is so worth it. Keeps lips hydrated and soft, give a tiny bit of a tingle/ sting to plump lips and tints lips slightly. For a every day look, this is perfect. Do Recommend. Read more about Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer Review

  • Win a chance to swim with the dolphins in the Bay of Islands

    Last post: lauraleep on 27.11.12 at 09:12 | Started by JennyT on 26.11.12

    This would be an amazing experience in a beautiful part of our country; Dolphins have always been one of my favourite animals since I was a child. When I was about 9 my friend and I went to swim with the Dolphins (I think it was Whakatane?) but we didn’t see any that day. I’d love to share this with my best friend now, she is very generous and giving and I know she would love to share this experience with me, day dreaming now 

    Thanks :)
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