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  • Favourite books

    Last post: bigspenda on 25.07.11 at 00:37 | Started by KH on 22.07.11

    John Grisham or Phillip K Dick Read more about Favourite books

  • What about Amy Winehouse..

    Last post: bigspenda on 25.07.11 at 00:35 | Started by coco on 24.07.11

    I saw a picture of her from 2003 she looked so beautiful what a waste of a great talent Read more about What about Amy Winehouse..

  • Word association

    Last post: bigspenda on 25.07.11 at 00:33 | Started by KH on 24.07.11

    Lots Read more about Word association

  • Saving!

    Last post: bigspenda on 25.07.11 at 00:32 | Started by Anna on 23.07.11

    Get your self a savings account that doesnt have an efpos card and needs you to go in to withdraw money maybe a bank branch that not in your town then get your employer to start paying a designated amount each week in to that account. The first thousand is the hardest then once youve got there you will have got yourself into a routine and wont miss the money then when you have saved up $10,000 put this in to a term deposit for 12 months and continue saving adding the new amount you have saved to the term deposit amount add this new amount to the term deopist and repeat . Untill you have what you want it doesnt take a big sum to be saved but it adds up really quickly Read more about Saving!

  • Joke of the Day

    Last post: bigspenda on 25.07.11 at 00:26 | Started by bigspenda on 25.07.11

    Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM at the First Presbyterian Church . Please use large double door at the side entrance. Read more about Joke of the Day

  • Money saving tips

    Last post: bigspenda on 25.07.11 at 00:19 | Started by KH on 24.07.11

    And last but not least buy Supermarket homebrands theres nothing wrong with them 90% of them are made by the leading food companies anyway and the stuff at eye level is most often the most expensive as this is where you look first look at the lowershelves as this is where the cheaper items are Read more about Money saving tips

  • Community classes

    Last post: bigspenda on 24.07.11 at 23:56 | Started by KH on 24.07.11

    Small busness course or
    anything to do with Microsoft excel as a lot of people use it but dont know how to to make spreadsheets accounting software etc Read more about Community classes

  • Who owns their own home?

    Last post: bigspenda on 24.07.11 at 23:53 | Started by KH on 23.07.11

    Just hate paying rates :( Read more about Who owns their own home?

  • A scandal of wasted opportunity

    Last post: bigspenda on 24.07.11 at 23:44 | Started by bigspenda on 24.07.11

    Look as a business owner I can not afford to pay Staff $15.00 an hour how ever if every business was paying there staff that amount then there would be more money coming in to my business as people would have more disposable income so whole it would cost me a small amount I would get it back ten fold as would a lot of other small to medium businesses Read more about A scandal of wasted opportunity

  • Does marriage matter?

    Last post: bigspenda on 24.07.11 at 23:40 | Started by Anna on 28.06.11

    Look mariage is for some but its not for all if your happy as you are dont let society change your views what business is it to anybody but your own We have been togeither for 15 years and its our choice that we wish not to get married we own our own house freehold have a business and a family what else do i need Read more about Does marriage matter?


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