People like numbers


Ben Young, serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and founder of bwagy shares daily ideas on his blog in small digestible bites, aimed to make you rethink business, marketing and the world around you.

1,000,000 books sold

Count and Spell Color Recognition Beanbags - NUMBERS


500 tonnes.

Numbers help provide a context and allows us to compare / contrast things.

Remember that and leverage it.

John Chow built his business off the back of showing people how to earn money off his blog.

Even once banned by google, he only grew, as people discussed the numbers.

Did you see how much John earned last month? its his highest month ever.

Share your numbers, especially the curious ones, with your customers.  It may be worth talking about.

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  • Wice says
    I guess a lot of us do like numbers, e.g. like it was interesting to read the stats about chocolate eating habits of Kiwis. I'm not entirely sure of a concrete benefit n sharing numbers though. Might be something quirky to put in a business newsletter.
    • New Member says
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      • New Member says
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                                • Anna says
                                  yer... and whenever your writing business stuff they love to have things backed up by numbers.. it turns a statement into fact....
                                • Wice says
                                  Fair comment - if there is then some sort of reference to back up the numbers!
                                  • New Member says
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                                    • New Member says
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                                    • KH says
                                      Too many numbers bore me silly, I'm afraid.
                                    • Mellow says
                                      Election time or telemarketing = numbers... annoying Polls to annoy people
                                    • New Member says
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